• Doing Nothing
    Doing Nothing Why Time-Outs Matter by April Thompson In a harried world where our work is never done, it’s tough to take time-outs to do nothing. But when we pump the brakes on Read more
  • All-Natural Beauty
    All-Natural Beauty Health Concerns Revolutionize the Cosmetics Industry by Marlaina Donato From red carpets to Teen Vogue magazine, the natural beauty trend has taken the industry by storm. Consumer whims may have sparked Read more
  • Healthy Hydrating Recipes
    Healthy Hydrating Recipes Blackberry + Lemon + Mint Electrolyte Drink Yields: 4 cups 4 blackberries, fresh or frozen ½ lemon, juiced 1 mint leaf (optional) 1 Tbsp honey ⅛ tsp Himalayan pink salt 4 cups water, herbal iced tea Read more
  • Healthy Summer Hydratio
    Healthy Summer Hydration Kids Love These Homemade Drinks by Judith Fertig At day camp or the pool, on the playing field or in the backyard, kids can get really thirsty, especially as temperatures Read more
  • Livable Communities We Love
    Livable Communities We Love Good for People and the Planet by John D. Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist Many people define a livable city as one that is easy to get around in by Read more
  • Breathing While Running
    Breathing While Running William Pullen: “Mindful breathing is simply making the observation of one’s breath being the priority over thoughts. Each time the mind interrupts, gently return to the breath. Learning Read more
  • Running with the Kids
    Running with the Kids Strengthens Body, Mind and Family Spirit by Marlaina Donato Combining regular exercise with quality family time can be an enjoyable and fun way to realize a healthier lifestyle. Running Read more
  • Eat Right to Sleep Well
    Eat Right to Sleep Well 10 Foods Help Us Relax and Rest by Judith Fertig Getting enough sleep—or not—has a trickle-down effect. A study in the Journal of Obesity shows that good quality Read more
  • Yoga Nidra is a new, and ancient, way to healing and wholeness
    Yoga Nidra is a new, and ancient, way to healing and wholeness Do you desire to improve your health by increasing energy, relieving stress, increasing mental clarity, improving and restoring healthy Read more


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