• Mindful Benefits of Swimming
    Mindful Benefits of Swimming According to studies by neuroscientist Sara Lazar, Ph.D., at Harvard Medical School, being mindful can affect stronger neural connections in the brain, effecting better breath control, improved Read more
  • Swimmer Essentials
    Swimmer Essentials by Marlaina Donato Stay Hydrated. Even in water, we perspire, and a mere 2 percent dehydration can affect muscle performance. Even slight dehydration leads to water absorption during swimming and Read more
  • Dive into Swimming
    Dive into Swimming 10 Tips to Optimize Workouts by Jim Thornton Swimming may be the perfect lifelong sport; it’s a low-impact, joint-friendly, sustainable way for anyone to stay fit at any age. In Read more
  • Mighty Minerals
    Mighty Minerals What We Need to Stay Healthy by Judith Fertig Minerals—inorganic chemical elements or compounds that cannot be produced by the body, but occur in nature—play a key role in helping us Read more
  • Gary Griggs on the Perils Facing Our Coasts
    Gary Griggs on the Perils Facing Our Coasts by Randy Kambic While Gary Griggs has lived near the coast of California most of his life, visits to the coasts of 46 nations Read more
  • GMO Toxins Permeate Pet Foods
    Why More Pets Are Getting Cancer GMO Toxins Permeate Pet Foods by Jeffrey Smith In the late 1990s, the nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, “Animal Doctor” Michael Fox received many letters about dogs and Read more
  • Natural Ways to Reduce Pain
    Better Options than Opioids Natural Ways to Reduce Pain by Kathleen Barnes Chronic pain affects 100 million Americans, with annual treatment costs reaching $635 billion, according to the Institute of Medicine. Worse, opiate-derived Read more
  • Gardening Connects Kids to Nature
    The Joy of Dirt Gardening Connects Kids to Nature by Barbara Pleasant Children benefit from a close connection with nature, and there’s no better place to learn about plants and soil than a Read more
  • Artists Work to Save Nature’s Beauty
    Art that Inspires Action Artists Work to Save Nature’s Beauty by Avery Mack Eco-art creatively highlights environmental sustainability issues and sparks possible solutions. Mounts Botanical Garden, in Palm Beach County, Florida, hosted Washed Ashore: Read more


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