• Doggie Detox Tips
    Doggie Detox Tips Be aware that glyphosate in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide is prevalent in nonorganic foods, widely used as a weed killer and to dry crops before harvesting. This hidden poison Read more
  • Dogs Need Detoxing Too
    Dogs Need Detoxing Too 10 Ways to Detox Your Dog by Patricia Jordan You know that mercury is bad for people. John Moore, a prominent 20th-century mercury and dental health researcher, regarded mercury Read more
  • An Awesome Antidote to Polarization
    An Awesome Antidote to Polarization by Kirk J. Schneider We live in polarized times. The current polarization of the American electorate and federal government is rooted in “the polarized mind”, a fixation Read more
  • Enlightening Ideas about Money
    Enlightening Ideas about Money Think Independence, Intimacy, Integrity by April Thompson Money influences our choice of job or home, and sense of security, worth and power; it can also make life more or Read more
  • Fun Ways to Get Outside This Summer
    Fun Ways to Get Outside This Summer Be a Kid Again With Your Own Family by Sandra Murphy Summer is calling and so is the great outdoors. Here are super vacation sites, inviting Read more
  • Tart Cherry Aids Runner Performance
    A study of distance runners by Texas A&M University, in College Station, determined that short-term supplementation of dried tart cherry powder improved running times, decreased inflammation and increased muscle metabolism Read more
  • Tax and Pricing Policies Spur Healthier Eating
    A meta-study from Tufts University, in Medford, Massachusetts, documents a revealing relationship between diet and food prices. The researchers found that taxation of unhealthy foods and price reductions of healthy Read more
  • Colicky Babies Respond to Acupuncture
    Research from Sweden has found that acupuncture helps reduce the crying of colicky babies. The study monitored 147 babies between the ages of 2 and 8 weeks with colic at Read more
  • Post-Stroke Exercise Improves Brain Function
    Post-Stroke Exercise Improves Brain Function Research from the University of Pittsburg, in Pennsylvania, has established that structured physical activity following a stroke can significantly improve cognitive function in survivors. The study Read more


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