Yoga Nidra is a new, and ancient, way to healing and wholeness

Yoga Nidra is a new, and ancient, way to healing and wholeness

Do you desire to improve your health by increasing energy, relieving stress, increasing mental clarity, improving and restoring healthy sleep patterns, easing tension, balancing the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems, and increasing your immune function? Would you believe this is all possible with a guided meditation called Yoga Nidra? Yoga Nidra is an ancient, integrative relaxation meditation that uses the biological processes of sleep, and a series of body, breath, and awareness techniques, to allow the innate healing potential of the body to be released. If one of your favorite yoga poses is Savasana, or Corpse pose, then Yoga Nidra will come effortlessly for you. The hardest thing to do in Yoga Nidra is to not fall asleep!

Yoga Nidra also has the potential for increasing well-being by transforming emotions and thinking patterns, improving mood, and can even create positive new thinking patterns and reduce self-limiting beliefs. Getting stuck in old thinking patterns can be hard to shake, especially if they are deeply rooted, and with Yoga Nidra, new ways of thinking and relating are possible. Gena Davis, certified as an Amrit Yoga Nidra™ facilitator, believes that “Yoga Nidra is a powerful healing modality, addressing the physical, emotional, mental, and subtle bodies to facilitate healing and transformation. If you experience stress, then Yoga Nidra can help. Everyone can benefit from Yoga Nidra, even expanding you into the awareness of wholeness and the experience of your true nature.”

Gena offers Yoga Nidra at the Houston Ayurveda Wellness Center, 3222 Mercer Street, Houston 77027, on Mondays 5:30-6:30 pm and Thursdays 11 am-noon. Sessions are $20. Private sessions are also available. For more information and to contact Gena, please see If you desire to grow into your full potential, come and experience Yoga Nidra.


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