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A NEW PARADIGM in Online Display Advertising

Our company’s Custom Hyper-Local Targeting Model is a superior local online alternative to cookie based ads because at Select Choice Digital, we target brand websites, without cookies, using sophisticated research to identify the audiences that visit them.

THE RESULTS: “100% HYPER-LOCAL REACH, VIEW-ABILITY, and TRANSPARENCY are 3 major advantages our Custom Pre-Targeting Model has when compared to cookie based advertising which continues to erode in reach via “Do Not Track” options, and Ad Blocker. Here’s a way to view how our Custom Pre-Targeting Model stacks up against the digital status quo “cookie based” model that is being sold in local markets today. SAMPLE: 100 people who are interested in making a purchase in any given local market.

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 Select Choice Digital PRE-TARGETING: 

  • 100% Reach (placement is not affected by cookie blocking)
  • 100% Viewability (all ads are placed to appear above the fold giving them full exposure)
  • 100% Transparency (we provide a detailed report after each month including the exact sites your ad appeared with impressions and CTR)


  • 37% Reach (eMarketer) (over 63% of users have "do not track", 3rd party cookie blockers or ad blockers)
  • 54% Viewability (Comscore) (up to 46% of ads placed are out of the view of site visitors)
  • UNKNOWN Transparency (they'll show you the Top 10-20 sites your ad appeared on but not the 360,000+ it may have appeared on*)

*Tactics of cookie-based marketing in local markets may expand the geographical area outside the target market in order to achieve the number of impressions sold thereby deceiving the customer and producing a lower success rate. 
It is not hard to see why our Hyper-Local Online Advertising is so different, or why you can’t just sell a national targeting model locally.

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