Exclusivity and Leverage

You may have heard us mention Exclusivity and Leverage. Rather than assume everyone understands the value of these ideas and how they work together, let’s explore this now.

Select Choice Digital has a one of kind online display media product with our PRE-TARGETING™. The “status quo” online display services don’t target websites at all but they do cookie a USER, and then show ads to that user wherever they go on the web. Our method, does not target users or cookie them. We target brand websites via 3rd party research that identifies the audiences that visit the websites. Because we are the only company that does this, and your company has exclusivity with selling our product, you can leverage the sale to a local advertiser as being the only source in your local area that can provide our unique product and the features and benefits that are exclusive to our product.

Factor in that the cookie-based method suffers from a 63% drop in reach because Millennials know how to use the “Do Not Track” options on their browsers, and many have downloaded “Adblocker Plus”; and you can see that having our product also provides you with the most local reach because we can reach 100% of the people in your market.

We have a 1000 plus Media Plans we’ve created for local Media Clients, and these are easy to walk into a local advertiser location with some simple customization. The list of Media Plans is an excellent source of local leads, also.

Another great value to our method, is that you are the only company to provide 100% transparency on the Media Plans, and in your month-end reports to your clients. They also benefit from the 100% viewability our “above the fold” placements provide.

If you look objectively at your local market, most of your competitors are selling digital display media, and some online companies are contacting local advertisers directly. You can be sure that each of these competitors are selling the “status quo” cookie-based product.

With this in mind, your company is poised to be the digital sales leader in your market by providing the most professional and premium online display media solution. Most of our clients have minimum spends to keep the exclusivity in their local markets. If anyone wants help in doing this, please reach out. We want to help all our clients succeed.

We will continue to provide blog topics that help you to better understand the edge our product provides. We are here to help, don’t hesitate to ask question.


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