Target People Not Bots

Target People NOT Bots

Now that we have your attention, let’s take a look at why this is true.

Cookie-based advertising which is the status quo of online advertising targets USERS so websites do not matter for this type of targeting.
Since 20 local digital sellers are selling this cookie-based advertising, it pays to have the tools to differentiate your digital offering from the pack.

Here are some key issues with Cookie Based online advertising:

— cookie based ads are being blocked by 63% of your advertisers target clients.
— It is estimated by Google themselves that 60% of all cookie based internet advertising is below the fold and out of view, including themselves.
— ComScore® has separately estimated that 46% of all ads are not even seen.
— Solve Media’s quarterly Bot Traffic Market Advisory shows that between 20-30 percent of online ad traffic is fake. That level is between 11-14 percent for mobile ads. And 20% to 30% of clicks are fraudulent.

Our company has designed our Audience Extension product from the ground up with the local media seller’s needs in mind. This means we created it to be a premium product to be sold exclusively by our local media partners giving them an edge with selling our product, and effectively differentiating their digital offering from the status quo cookie-based advertising that is being sold by all the other sellers in your local market.

Let’s take a look at what makes your digital offering so different.

Select Choice Digital places ads directly on websites that are selected by 3rd party research to likely have the audiences for a specific local advertiser’s product or service. We do this with 100% transparency which completely avoids the viewability issues that are rampant with cookie based ads.

Select Choice Digital has 100% local reach because we show ads without cookies and we have extensive local website inventory in markets of all sizes.

Select Choice Digital has 100% viewability because we target only the right websites, and place ads only above the fold.

So why do we target people NOT bots?

Because our 1100+ Media Plans have 100% transparent websites in them, and when you have 100% transparent inventory there is no place for “Bots” to push their way into our delivery.

You can think of our average 2.0 click thru ratio as being organic because the only people to see our ads are within your community.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Michael Hart, CEO
Select Choice Digital
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