Long before packaged pain relief medicines filled with chemicals and and binders lined pharmacy shelves, Aunt Alberta mixed natural herbs to develop remedies that ‘cured everything that ailed you.’ Aunt Alberta left her legacy. Her secret has been kept for years. My dream is to share with the world this natural-based pain relief cream.

Although most of us remember our parents or grandparents making a home remedy, few of us are lucky enough to have had that remedy passed on to us.  Aunt Alberta’s Remedy is effective in relieving muscle and joint pains whether they are minor or from conditions such as arthritis.

The remedy contains all natural  ingredients,castor oil which seals out the drying effects of dry winter weather, softens the skin and allows the main ingredient, wintergreen oil to penetrate into the body. Wintergreen is a wonderful herb that contains methyl salicylate,  an aspirin-like compound that is highly effective in relieving pain.

Aunt Alberta's Beginning

Aunt Alberta passed down through generations her legacy of a natural homemade remedy, which she used regularly for pain relief. Her secret was kept for years. Eventually, she shared the formula with her nephew. He used the remedy for many years and kept Aunt Alberta’s secret; that is until his niece came to visit him in Hawaii.

She arrived from a long trip with severely swollen ankles. Her Uncle offered the Aunt Alberta’s remedy.  After she used the remedy for two days, she noticed such good results and pain relief that she asked her uncle what was in the remedy. He reluctantly gave her the formula.

After discussing the product, she thought of the people that could benefit from its healing properties. She shared the find, not the formula; with a Chiropractor, who was a friend, and the doctor encouraged her to follow this dream.

This was the birth of Aunt Alberta’s Homoeopathic Pain Relief Cream.

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