Getting Out of Mind Hell by Gladys Wesley-Kennedy

Getting Out of Mind Hell

By Gladys Wesley-Kennedy

Submitted April 10, 2015

(Natural Awakenings Article 3)

In last month’s The WHAI™ article entitled, “Transforming Disease Patterns into Healing Habits,” I expressed that to heal or improve any aspect of our health or life conditions, we must recognize our disease patterns in mind, and intentionally replace them with healing thoughts and behaviors. Specifically, all health problems are the formed effects of persistent dis-eased thoughts, (i.e., toxic emotions and negative mind patterns). The main tenet was that the state of our health and life conditions are the direct reflection of our mindset. 

At The WHAI™ (The Wellness & Healing Arts Institute), I regularly meet with people who want to begin a healing program.  They have the need, the time, and the resources; however, what is often dreadfully lacking is their willingness to face and climb out of the hell they created and entrapped themselves in. Here, ‘hell’ refers to the state of dis-ease manifesting in their mind, body, and daily reality. ‘Dis-ease’ means a persistent, unconscious, negative state of mind, (i.e., irritation, depression, anger, and self-loathing). Hence, to live with a dis-eased mind, is to exist in a form of “hell on earth.” Hell on earth describes those of us who, for years, live with dis-ease patterns in mind, body, and reality—actually, they are one and the same.  It is impossible to have a dis-eased mind or body yet have a heavenly reality or vice versa. 

So, how do we climb out of our mind hell?  First, recognize and admit that we are in a hell.  Unfortunately, for many, this initial recognition is extremely difficult…if not impossible. Why? Because, we want to maintain our illusions; we don’t want to admit that we created our own hellish prison. The other problem is if we take responsibility for having independently created and locked ourselves in hell, we must also take the sole responsibility for getting ourselves out. This is our big dilemma!

Next, we must honestly face our dis-eased reality and endeavor to change its causes, (e.g., dis-eased thoughts, intentions, and behaviors).  At The WHAI™, when I offer to teach potential healing program participants how to do this, many balk at the opportunity because they are not ready to release their false beliefs that the way out of hell is by being “fixed,” “healed,” or “saved” by someone else (e.g., doctor, healer, therapist). Or, they habitually consume and rely on things outside themselves, such as pharmaceuticals, food, sex, or entertainment. It is exactly these types of beliefs and habits that imprisons us.  Until we trade the imprisoning belief of being healed with the liberating truth of heal thyself…we remain locked in our own mind prison.

An example is someone who, many years ago, participated in The WHAI™ Wellness and Healing Program.  At that time, they were a business owner, health-conscious, physically fit and active, yet manifested dis-ease in the form of a life-threatening embolism, chronic anxiety, financial instability, coffee addiction, and multiple failed relationships. Upon completing two WHAI™ healing programs, and participating in Meditative Fitness™ classes, all dis-ease manifestations were dramatically improved.  However, once healed and out of hell they disappeared, not to be seen or heard from for several years.  Recently, however, they contacted me again to request another WHAI™ healing program because their former dis-ease manifestations recurred, (including another strained relationship).  After hearing their litany of problems, I suggested they return to Meditative Fitness™ classes to resume the process of self-healing.  Not surprisingly, their responses were: “I have to think about it,” “My budget is limited,” “My schedule is demanding,” etc. Hence, they wanted to be healed by a healer, but did not want to do their own healing work.

Such reactions are so common I no longer accept potential clients who are unwilling to attend the self-empowering aspects of The WHAI™ (e.g., Meditative Fitness Programs™). Our excuses form the framework for dis-ease prison. Unconsciously, we use excuses to justify our laziness and fear of climbing out of our hell.  Instead, we want the healer or physician to free us—as painlessly and cheaply as possible. 

Whether we believe it or not, each of us is solely responsible for the state of our health and life conditions. Climbing out of dis-ease hell requires us to recognize and correct our imprisoning thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. The root of pain or disease lies in our mind.

The quality of our life is determined entirely by the quality of our mindset. To establish a heaven on earth—create a heaven in mind.  A mind consumed with gratitude, peace, acceptance, and contentment manifests a heaven on earth. A mind filled with self-doubt, fear, tension, resentment, or anger manifests a hell on earth. So, how can we create a heaven on earth? Endeavor to think, act, and live well.  Intend to manifest a heavenly life. Most importantly, remember, true wellness is not a destination, but rather, a way of life.

We hope you will join us again, next month for the June The WHAI article entitled, “Creating a Heaven on Earth.”


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