Creating a Heaven on Earth by Gladys Wesley-Kennedy

Creating a Heaven on Earth

Heal Your Mind to Heal Your Life

By Gladys Wesley-Kennedy

Submitted May, 2015

In last month’s article, “Climbing Out of Mind Hell,” I stated that the quality of our health and life conditions are determined entirely by the quality of our mindset. How we think and what we think dictates our daily reality. Our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors are directly connected to and reflected back to us through the conditions of body, environment, and circumstances. Therefore, each of us is solely responsible for the state of our health and life conditions. At The WHAI (The Wellness & Healing Arts Institute), we refer to this fact of life as the, “From mind to manifestation principle.”

The mind to manifestation principle is quite simple and apparent in daily life. What we think about comes about. Let me explain. In our mind, we unconsciously and habitually generate particular types of thought patterns, which determine the formation and quality of our health, relationships, circumstances, and even our environmental conditions.  Moreover, specific types of thoughts cause specific chemical and physiological reactions in our body. For example, if, in mind, we generate angry thoughts, adrenaline is released into the bloodstream, body heat rises, face and skin flush, muscles tighten, heart and respiratory rates increase; our environment fills with heaviness and tension; our voice deepens and becomes more sharp and loud; and, usually some form of conflict ensues. Consequently, obstacles arise, causing projects or activity delays and frustration. On the contrary, if, in mind, we generate thoughts of contentment, happiness, and gratitude, endorphins are released into the bloodstream, our face brightens or smiles, muscles soften and become more flexible; heart and respiratory rates slows; the environment becomes bright and peaceful; we speak more softly and in higher tones, and show kindness towards others.  As a result, projects or activities go smoothly and successfully, and feelings of contentment and optimism abound. Hence, the saying, “As you think so shall it be” is quite obvious—if we pay attention to how what we think affects our body and life.

Therefore, to climb out of “mind hell” and create a “heaven on earth,” first, we must intend to recognize and correct our negative or dis-eased thought patterns. Why?  It is because unconscious, persistent, toxic thoughts, like anger, hatred, and resentment, produce an imbalance of acidic chemicals in our body; eventually, producing diseases such as, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, addictions, contemptuous relationships, and financial instability. To liberate ourselves from such suffering, we must identify unhealthy thought patterns and replace them with healthy thought patterns. It really is that simple—choose to change how you think. In other words, heal your mind to heal your life.

How can we do this? Creating a heaven on earth is equivalent to embarking on a long journey within—a healing journey of a thousand miles.  To begin, the following are effective steps or healing tools that must be practiced throughout each day: 1.) Observe your mind activity in present moment (i.e., notice negative thought patterns). This practice of self-awareness is called mindfulness and is mandatory for making any type of positive change in your life.  2.) Regularly monitor and control your breathing. Practice a slow, deep and even breathing pattern.  3.) Start a mind and energy practice, such as Yoga, Tai Chi, or Meditative Fitness™.  4.) Create the habit of constantly generating thoughts of positivity and gratitude, in all situations and settings. These easy and practical tools help us pave the way home—back to our birthright of optimal health and well-being.  

Also, by utilizing these tools, we re-awaken our inherent healing powers, which have been suppressed by our incessant bombardment of toxic thoughts, destructive habits, and an unnecessary dependence on external factors for temporary relief (i.e., prescription drugs, sex, food, and alcohol). By correcting our thoughts, breathing properly, and adopting a well-founded energy practice, we can restore the healthy functioning of our mind, internal organs, physiological functions, and relationships.

An excellent time-honored tool to start with is to adopt a meditation practice. Through meditation, we can calm our mind, identify and correct toxic thought patterns that express as pain, pathology, or disharmony in our body and daily life. Meditation also helps us to live mindfully, at all times. Specifically, continuously practice breathing properly and maintain an “attitude of gratitude,” throughout all circumstances and conditions. Such meditative mindfulness enables us to identify and deconstruct our former diseased mindset, and intentionally create a healing mindset, based on focusing on wellness, gratitude, and harmony.

To summarize the initial steps to creating a heaven on earth, practice meditation and mindfulness to master your mind, body, and life circumstances. Throughout each day perform yogic breathing to stimulate a calm clear mindset, promote healthy cell growth, and improve circulation and physiological functioning. To reinforce this practice, also join a reputable Yoga or Qi-gong class, such as the Meditative Fitness Program™.

So remember, creating a heaven on earth starts within. Everyone can achieve it. Simply, begin to practice awareness and management of your mind, thoughts, breath, and behaviors. Once in conscious command of these formative aspects of your life, your heavenly life has begun.  The journey of a thousand miles is well underway.  In the meantime, you are also claiming your divine birthright—as the rightful master of your overall health and life conditions.

My name is Gladys Wesley-Kennedy, Founder and Qi Gong Master of The WHAI & Meditative Fitness Programs.  At The WHAI (pronounced “the way”), we teach the ancient yoga and qigong principles and philosophies expounded on in this article. Our educational therapeutic programs are based on my personal healing journey from a life of disease (cancer) to a renewed life of health and well-being. Today, I devote my life to the propagation of spiritual energy practices, such as Yoga, Qigong, and Meditation, so that I can share with others the blessings of their profound wisdom and life-enhancing benefits.


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