Breaking Away From Toxins by Carrie Harmon

Breaking Away From Toxins

by Carrie Harmon

Do you ever feel like you just need a break? You are constantly running, walking or dancing around and from time to time, you feel like you need a break. You have to stop whatever you are doing and take a few moments to take it all in. It is important to sit back, catch your breath and then continue to go about your day.  When doing day-to-day activities, you cannot constantly stay in motion for hours at a time. It is physically impossible to be awake and active 24/7. Our bodies need to break away from life and its exhausting activities.

Take a deep breath and relax… your body will thank you. As important as it is to break away from your life, it is equally important to break away from food.  If you are anything like me, you prep your healthy meals ahead of time and you end up eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the week.  When you continue to eat oatmeal, fruit, lean protein, veggies, quinoa and mixed green salads day after day, you are more likely to break away from your healthy lifestyle and grab a Kit Kat bar. The excess sugar from your chocolate “break” will only make you feel tired and sluggish. If you are not like me, then you are probably wondering how you can finally kick-start your journey to a new and healthier you.

Regardless, if you already consider yourself a “healthy” person or not, your body is currently filled with toxins that come from the food you eat. To obtain a healthful lifestyle, you sometimes have to break away from food and flush your system. Breaking away from toxins and doing a liquid cleanse will help you hit your internal reset button. It will give you time to focus on your mind, body and spirit. A cleanse will increase your energy, help break unwanted cravings and give you glowing skin. A combination of fasting, cleansing, and colonics will energize, strengthen and enlighten you. Flushing your system can help undo the damage of over-consumption and poor food choices. I recommend doing a detox cleanse as often as you can. It can even help you lose weight. Cleansing for just three days, will make you feel better about yourself. You will feel healthier and notice you will no longer have cravings for unhealthy fatty and sugary food. It can even change your whole perspective as you will have the extra energy to connect with your mind, body and soul.

                It is important to take a moment and listen to your body. Toxins and overworking your body can lead to unhealthy behavior and lifelong health problems. I suggest to do your research and do a detox program that is right for you. At Deer Lake Lodge, guests release toxins in an environment that lets them relax away from the stress at home. It is important to unwind, flush your system and enjoy the moment whether you prefer to break away into a holistic cleanse at home or at a resort. Just remember to reward yourself and break away.

Carrie Harmon is the Spa Director at Deer Lake Lodge & Spa, a health resort that promotes enhanced living through holistic cleansing and other therapeutic practices in a relaxing, secluded environment. Deer Lake Lodge & Spa aspires to improve guests' health in an environment where they can enjoy a multi-faceted cleansing program in a rustic-chic resort atmosphere, located on a 50-acre rustic-chic oasis in Montgomery, TX.


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