Energy Clearing Your Animals with Essential Oils by Meg Shehad

Energy Clearing Your Animals with Essential Oils

 by Meg Shehad at Gritman oils

Spring is the time to let go of the old and bring in the new but we often forget that our beloved pets need some help with releasing old emotional energy that they get from us humans and from just living their lives. Many animals become ill or unhappy when they become overburdened with energetic debris. We may realize something is wrong but not know how to clear their animal’s energy. Dogs and horses respond best to essential oils so I am going to talk about dogs and horses in this article.

What is energy clearing? We all have an energy field around us. The Earth also has an energy field around it and is often described as an electromagnetic field. Humans, dogs, and horses also have electromagnetic fields. You cannot see it just like you cannot see air. We know it is there. You cannot see it, but you know it is there as you breathe it in and out. Energy is like air and is all around us even though we cannot see it.

If we clear this energy field and keep it healthy, we can increase the health and vibrancy of our dogs and horses. These animals are sensitive to energy and to their personal needs. It is important not to use any essential oil that they do not like. Dogs and horses know quickly if the essential oil will help them. There are exceptions and this is for traumatized or mentally damaged dogs and horses often found in rescues.

Visit our website or consult with a person who is trained in using essential oils to choose the one that is appropriate for the particular condition. Once you have selected the oil, drop a few drops onto your palms and rub together. Present the oils to the horse. If the horse moves his head towards the oils, it is giving its approval. If it moves its head away from the oil, it is not giving approval and you need to try a different oil. If the animal is having a hard time accepting the oil, suspect trauma of some kind that needs to be cleared.

Before clearing imagine a way of disposing of the energy debris that you will be clearing away. Since you are just imagining and this can make some feel weird. I always tell people that this is when you need to pull out your little kid and allow yourself to just believe. Once you see this working, you will become a believer because you will see the evidence, but for now you just need to believe. Imagine! Many people bring in angels or other beings and give the debris to them. Others like to imagine a trash can with fire in it. The debris is released into the trash can and it is burned up. Know that if you do not do this, the emotional debris is still there and will reattach.

Now the oil is selected, the animal has given approval, and a disposal site is imagined, you are ready to start. Begin at the head. For a horse you will have to go down one side of the body and then do the other side. With a dog usually you can get both hands going down both sides of the body.  Slowly make your way through the animal’s energy. Do not touch the body of the animal. Stay about 3-6 inches away from the animal depending on their size. If you feel that you need to stop, do so. The head, the heart and the rear of the animal often need some time to clear. Wait until you feel you can go ahead and move on. Remember you are a kid and you are just pretending. Use your trash can and just dispose of the debris.  Once you are finished, clear the final debris into the trash can. With your imagination, allow it to disappear as you thank your animal, yourself, and your trash can for being there. I know it sounds silly but this is just good manners when it comes to energy clearing.

This process is not a substitute for physical treatments by you or your vet or other health care provider but will make them more effective. If you will be using essential oil treatment rather than an oil that is mainly carrier oil, you will not need to use as much oil. Remember this will save you money and greatly help the health of your dog or horse.

Call Amy’s Healing Apothecary today. Amy is a Certified Spiritual Aroma Therapist certified by Gritman Oil, Vajra Transmission Master in Healing Energy. Services include:  balancing Chakras; pet clearings; essential oils reading intuitively; healing work with the Biomat, that is made with Amethyst and Black Tourmaline. Amy specializes in healing touch, infertility, PTSD, Trauma, Terminally ill, and sells Essential Oils to Enhance Your Life. Office is located inside Pixie’s Intent at 2727 Fondren St. Houston, TX. Call today to make you appointment 281-853-4729. Walk-ins are welcome. Amy is also mobile and does home and hospital visits. 


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