The Unexpected Meetings of Love by Petra Valica

The Unexpected Meetings of Love

by Petra Valica

Author of Sipping Green Tea and the Journey to Me

Love can be a precarious thing. Whether someone is in a relationship or looking for one, love is something that all our hearts yearn for. Regardless of our culture, education, background or our economic condition, the desire for love is something the world has in common. We all want to be happy and love is one tool that helps us to lead a fulfilling life. Finding love, however, can be difficult, especially when we are searching for a spiritual connection. Many of us are finding that we want to go deeper and discover a partner who is living on the same vibrational plane as we are. With spirit, finding someone changes the nature of dating. Opening our hearts to allow love to shine in, can be a scary thing in itself, never mind opening our souls. We are putting ourselves out into the world in order that another may feel some commonality with us. On top of all the challenges we face, this can be even more daunting in today’s world when connections have become largely virtual and online. Connection is key. How do we connect and find a spiritual partner, in a world where it seems we are becoming more and more disconnected?
            I was having coffee with a friend of mine and we were talking about connection and finding soulmates in today’s fast paced world. My friend (Karen) has been single for a couple of years, while I am in a new relationship. I alleged, that it was when I stopped looking for love, that love came knocking on my doorstep. It took me four years of being single and finding myself, before my heart was open enough for another to share in my space. Karen looked at me and smiled. Her story of love was different than mine. As a single mom of a beautiful young girl, she said that in one way she has all the love in the world right in front of her every day. She’s come to be grateful for the unconditional love she and her daughter share. However, like anyone, she hopes to one day have a partner to share in her life’s celebration and connect with on a deeper romantic and spiritual level. She’s looked for love in many places and wants to choose someone who shares her spiritual values. Not find, but choose. She said that love, like anything else, is about choice and in order to make that choice, one has to be very clear about what they want and not compromise.
            Finding a spiritual partner comes when we simply let go. Karen told me that she also believes that things happen in the time that they are meant to happen. Karen is still searching and decided she would open up to the virtual world. She has tried an array of online tools to help her find meaningful connection. I laughed when she said that it wasn’t until she picked up a copy of Natural Awakenings magazine that the Universe spoke to her. Flipping through the magazine, she came across “Natural Awakenings Singles” for conscious connections. She instinctively stepped outside her comfort zone and signed up. She said, “I wasn’t really expecting to find love, rather I just wanted to open up a channel of communication with like-minded people and the site seemed like a great tool. I think I found love because I didn’t expect anything.”
            Karen began a conversation of spiritual meaning after finding a connection with a man from Europe. They instantly clicked and developed an ongoing relationship for a period of time. He even came to visit her in the U.S., where their online connection blossomed into a deeply intimate one. In the end, it didn’t work out, but she enjoyed the special year they shared together and still believes that things happen as they are meant to.
            Love can be found, even in our virtual world. Perhaps this world gives us the opportunity to find someone from a place we never imagined. Connection comes in all forms—we just have to step outside of our comfort zone to find it.

When looking for love, keep these simple principles in mind.

  • Find love in yourself first and foremost. The more we love ourselves, the higher love we will find in return.
  • Celebrate your life as it is—today. Look for love around you that may not be of the romantic kind, but the love you have for a daughter, a father or a friend. This love can keep us in a higher vibrational state.
  • Forget loneliness and love aloneness—yes, we all know that being single can be lonely. Instead of feeling alone, take this time to expand on your “you”. Enjoy the company of you and you’d be surprised at what hidden talents you may find. I was alone for four years before I found a partner, and in those four years I wrote a book.
  • Don’t expect and step outside your comfort zone—never expect that what you want is going to be exactly what you want. Karen found love online, which she never expected in a million years. She said that when she let go of expectation and stepped outside of her comfort zone, love came around.
  • Finally, embrace your choice. Keep your vibrational state high and don’t settle for less. This doesn’t mean that everything on your list needs to be ticked off. It merely means that you’ll find the love that vibrates on your current level of being.

Petra Valica is an author and an awakening coach, helping others to find their true Selves. For more information on her writings and coaching, write her a: [email protected].


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