A Balanced Diet is a Well-Balanced Life By Carrie Harmon

A Balanced Diet is a Well-Balanced Life

By Carrie Harmon

Do you struggle every day to maintain a well-balanced life?  Whether you attempt to stabilize your social life, weight or work – it is never an easy task. It is always a struggle trying to have it all. If you work a full-time job, you will have a hard time finding time to exercise or even have a social life after your 9 – 5. For me, having a career makes it almost impossible to do anything social or active. After work, I am exhausted and continue to sit in traffic for an hour. Once I do get home, the rest of my evening is allocated to having dinner, catching up on my favorite TV show or watching the news.  With careful consideration and preparation, anyone can achieve a state of equity.  To enhance balance in my life, I wake up early to run the neighborhood for 30 minutes before I have to get ready for work. This small adjustment has not only introduced balance in my life, but also improved my well-being, health and productivity.

Just as it is important to have balance in your life, it is equally important to have “potential of hydrogen” (pH) balance in your diet. The pH is quantified on a scale of zero to 14 where the lower pH is more acid while the higher is more alkaline. Neutral pH is 7, which is the level of water and usually a heathy range is between 6 and 7.5.  A pH balance is a complex process that occurs within your body. It can be regulated with healthy habits. Overconsuming sodas, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods is considered to be a diet that is high in acid. Symptoms of a diet with too much acid include feeling sluggish, dry skin, depressed, brittle nails and sensitive teeth. When your body is too acid, it can lead to serious health problems. Maintaining a neutral pH diet can prevent diseases, improve digestion, increase energy and can help you sleep better at night.  A diet that is slightly alkaline can improve your overall health and help bring your life to balance. Consuming organic vegetable juices and incorporating a raw food diet in your lifestyle can help the body, soul and spirit reach a healthy state of mind. Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and staying hydrated will also support a balanced lifestyle.

I recommend testing your pH and consider a self-directed cleaning program depending on your level of health. Deer Lake Lodge and Spa offers organic juices, yoga, life enrichment classes and the tools you need to harmonize your health. It is important to work towards a controlled pH diet, because it provokes  balance in all aspects of life.

Carrie Harmon is the Spa Director at Deer Lake Lodge & Spa, a health resort that promotes enhanced living through holistic cleansing and other therapeutic practices in a relaxing, secluded environment. Deer Lake Lodge and Spa aspires to improve guests' health in an environment where they can enjoy a multi-faceted cleansing program in a rustic-chic resort atmosphere, located on a 50-acre oasis in Montgomery, TX. www.DeerLakeLodge.com.


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