“The Easy Formula to RightSize® Your Body” FB ‘Doc’ Willis

“The Easy Formula to RightSize® Your Body”

FB ‘Doc’ Willis, CPL, BA, MEd, MBBS, PhD, FACSM

            The revolutionary RightSize®weight loss program has helped 402 people permanently lose over 11,000lbs without a restrictive diet, prolonged exercise, medication, or surgery.  Amy used this program to lose 20% of her body fat in 30 days and eight dress sizes (98lbs) in nine months.  She has kept her RightSize®for several years! 

The protocol is designed to accelerate your metabolism for weight loss success.  The protocol focuses on the metabolic process, which is the series of biochemical reactions that simultaneously build, repair, and break down substances in the body.  These reactions give us a unique fingerprint of how fast and efficient each of our bodies utilize the fuel we consume.  The key to changing our metabolic tempo is by applying the innovative “PEN” method.

                        The flexible and holistic, “PEN” formula can be used at any time to elevate your metabolism, quickly lose weight, and regain your RightSize® for a lifetime.  The “PEN” equation employs three easy components:

“P” = Portion-size with more frequent meals

“E” = Energy-surge

“N” = Natural nutrition

Portion Size – Do you know thin people who are “always eating?” Smaller portion sizes combined with eating more frequently, enables your body to elevate your metabolism.  Eating “two handfuls” or 1.5 cups of your favorite foods every 2-3 hours keeps the body in a “high energy mode.” 

Let’s think of this as a “fuel model.”  Imagine if we were driving across the country in a vintage Corvette.  What will happen if we tried to fill it with the 100 gallons of gas required for the entire journey?  The excess fuel will spill out and be wasted.  Let’s fill the tank with 15 gallons, every three hours and enjoy the fun drive.  

Energy-Surge – Right before eating will kick start your metabolism.  Performing 2-3 minutes of vigorous exercise prior to your meal will quickly elevate your metabolism and burn the fuel more efficiently.  The Energy-Surge also prevents your body from storing the fuel as fat.

Returning to our cross country journey.  Would periodic accelerations get you there faster?  Absolutely and there are no speeding tickets with Energy-Surge!

Natural Nutrition – One hundred years ago, before we had chemical food preservatives like, Tertiary Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) in most pre-packaged foods, Americans were leaner and more fit.  Eating unpackaged, natural “earth” foods allows your body to maintain a higher metabolism.  Whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, and grilled meats are a “higher octane fuel,” thus enhancing our metabolic rhythm.

During our trip, re-fueling is needed…remember this is needed every three hours.  Imagine you increase the octane level in your fuel at each station.  The sludge build-up in the engine would be flushed out of the system; and during your journey you would see an improvement in your Vette’s performance!

            Below is an example of how to use the PEN formula throughout one day.  It shows how flexible and unique this program is:

  • Wake up and perform a quick exercise such as 100 scissor kicks. (Energy Surge)
  •  Immediately eat something like a slice of apple. (Portion-size) 
  • After getting dressed for work, eat a quality, unprocessed breakfast. (Natural-nutrition)  
  • After starting work, drink a bottle of naturally sweetened fruit juice after running up 50 stair steps. (E + N)
  • Eat a snack two hours before lunch. (P)
  • Before lunch, grab an office chair and curl it 50 times. (E)  
  • Eat dessert two hours after lunch, and yes waiting two hours is essential. (P) 
  • During the drive home eat a natural protein bar. (N)
  • Before dinner perform an exercise, such as pushups for 2-3 continuous minutes. (E)
  • Stop eating 12 hours before you will wake up tomorrow.

Today America has the greatest epidemic of obesity in history.  Approximately 70% of us are overweight or obese.  Let’s eat more frequently in a smaller portion size with an Energy-surge before most meals of natural foods to regain our RightSize®!


Doc Willis is a specialist in weight loss and physical rehabilitation. He earned both a Master’s degree and PhD in kinesiology before completing his Medical Degree (MBBS) in the British Commonwealth.  Doc found himself to be “overweight after 40,” which prompted him to explore various weight loss options.  Based on his research and desire for a holistic approach, he designed the RightSize® program.  He quickly lost 45lbs and has maintained his weight loss for over a decade. [email protected]     www.RightSizeAnyBody.com


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