Independence Heights Farm

Independence Heights Farm

Resources are everywhere. Presently Last Organic Outpost has partnered with Kelvin Williams and Cayn James King of Food Everywhere Coalition to build a resource Farm.  A dump trailer creates a opportunity to build Neighborhood resources to develop a premium soil. Presently Independence Heights Resource Farm project has a soil farm in operations. The location is 100 East 45th@Yale Houston Texas 77018.

Tree waste is being composted at the site through processes developed through recent innovation. Who would know.

These resources are being donated to the City of Houston Health Department Community Gardens project. By cycling waste a abundant amount of material is available to create fertility on a grand scale. Participants have resources to step up growing operations in their neighborhood and you can help.

A Dump Trailer cost about $5,000 dollars total price. Share the dream to better and let’s build a food economy where seed and a premium soil work to elevate communities in need.

Meredith good work with New Americans. Research Paper out soon through Rice University.
NWIAA Woman in Action out in numbers for a Resource Farm tour. Thanks to Prairie View A&M for making this happen.
New Americans staffing the expansion of the Southwest Multi-Service Center Community Garden project.

The farming food effort is elevating the experience.  Resources are the key to our successes. Stand with us a great nation to secure a food economy that offers communities opportunities to build skillsets to create Community Self-reliance.

Plan B is building as a Regional Food Security plan.  Plans are underway to pioneer resources to development education in community self-reliance that embrace Dallas Fort Worth. Austin and East Texas. 18 million people within a 200 miles radius.  Trust has its awards. A good Nation is determined to elevate the experience.  Farmer our land to plenty. Seed and a premium soil are gifts from a all giving. The land is humanities greatest Ally.

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About Joe Icet

Since 2000, Joe Icet has been actively farming the Fifth Ward, an inner city district in Houston, Texas. He has always had a passion for urban agriculture, food security, and building community in unique and diverse ways. In 2008 he had the opportunity to retire from the union as a journeyman and continue farming full-time.

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