IGNITE YOUR LIFE: “Explore your creativity.”

IGNITE YOUR LIFE: “Explore your creativity.”    by Sarah Gish

“Explore your creativity.” is the 10th way to ignite your life in my “IGNITE YOUR LIFE!” art project and community campaign (www.IgniteYourOwnLife.com) and the word associated with this concept is “CREATE.” 

I have the quote “Art is a roaring realization of oneself (Edward Albee).” where I can see it in my studio every day. It’s a reminder to me of why I create art and why I encourage others to create art: you discover yourself. And it is because of this discovery that you ignite your life. We are nothing without self-knowledge and art is the most direct path towards it.

I majored in Art History in college, I became an “Artist” (you know, the capital A kind that creates for public consumption) in 2000, and began teaching workshops with art as an important component in 2005. I am a BIG believer in the importance of art and have seen how art frees up the mind to express itself fully in all its glory. I teach art to kids and they are always so relieved when I tell them there are no rules. They then relax, create, and listen to the song of their soul. Art is good for us physically: it forces us to connect the right and left side of our brains and stimulates the right side which is often dormant due to the pressures of living in a left-brained, rational, analytical world.

There are many ways to create – dance, writing, visual art, theatre, film, music – so there is something for everyone. As Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” The children I work with are wildly creative and fully focused on the art at hand. When we become adults, we often lose that spontaneous approach as we struggle to make ends meet and deal with deadlines, co-workers, and getting meals on the table. Art doesn’t know all that – it’s a world of suspended reality and I hope you’ll enter it soon! If you don’t know where to begin, buy a child’s pack of watercolors and paper and unleash it. Or grab some colored pencils and start coloring a mandala. Carl Jung had his patients do that after he noticed that they calmed his patients and provided him some insights to a person’s medical condition based on how they drew.

 “Explore your creativity.” is one of my 12 ways to ignite your life daily – ways that, if followed, will stave off addiction, depression, anxiety, and isolation. Being ignited for your life does that!

Sarah Gish is an igniter, a connector, an artist, a mother – and much more! See her work at www.GishCreative.com and contact her at [email protected], or 713.492.1173. She produces a weekly blog highlighting unique cultural activities for adults and kids in Houston, which is at www.GishPicks.com. Her IGNITE YOUR LIFE! art project is at www.IgniteYourOwnLife.com; the complete list of her “12 Ways to Ignite Your Life Daily” can be accessed there. Bracelets with words from the project are sold at Lucia’s Garden and the Unity of Houston bookstore. Sarah also does private intuitive guidance sessions on Mondays at Body Mind & Soul; to schedule one, please call the store at 713.993.0550.


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