Slow is the New Fast

Slow is the New Fast

by Tina Marie St.Cyr

As I approach my big ’50’, I have been taking inventory of the gifts my first 50 years has brought. I have learned to be more patient with myself, to let go of reactive triggers much faster and have learned to slow down.

Those who know me may be shaking their heads as I am commonly known as ‘super busy’ and the one who has a ‘very full calendar’…yet it is true - I have slowed down.

The slowing down I refer to is not laziness or being the one others are waiting on to get things done, this slowing down is becoming ultra-present with life.

I have learned that being “present” is life’s true meditation. It is from this place of presence that I have experienced miracles, witnessed serendipity, and accessed my intuition like never before. The result is I now produce more results, ‘get more stuff done’, have absolutely abundant energy and smile so much more that the younger version of myself ever did. Slowing down is a true gift we allow ourselves and, in turn, gift those around us.

Gifts of Being Present

  • Time slows down
  • You get more done, with efficiency and energy
  • Your heart opens and your chakras expand
  • You breathe deeply, almost for the first time
  • Your health is energized and your immunity is strengthened
  • Colors are brighter, sensations are richer and more alive
  • The sounds around you become the music of life, and like I mentioned, absolute miracles occur

How I Practice Presence in a busy world

  • I listen to my breath while looking through my soft eyes into the world.
  • I gently smile while listening, I gently smile while talking, I smile with my eyes and with my heart.
  • I write gratitude letters to God and the Universal Intelligence every day, stretching to find new unique ways to appreciate life.
  • I summon and send out gentle flowing energy to those around me wishing them prosperous and fulfilling lives.
  • Before I am to meet with someone, I see them in my mind’s eye and bless them with presence.
  • When I shake a hand I really take time to connect and feel the person I am with.
  • When I hug I take in the experience as if God itself is taking part.
  • I go into nature, the front yard or a park and ground my being with the Earth feeling my whole body connected, replenished and energized 
  • I slow down my thoughts to feel my actual emotions, asking myself what is true for me right now.
  • I ask higher energy questions to gain even greater perspectives and connection with eternal wisdom - “How can I see, know and feel even more the beauty of life?”
  • I enjoy walking meditations, looking onto the world and its features as if for the first time.
  • I value the human, animal and plant connections I have every day, taking pause to rejoice in the ability to witness life.

As each of us gifts our own lives with being even more present, we in turn bless the Universe itself. Our glorious energies do affect those around us and beyond in ways we will probably never be able to accurately measure. Yet, our hearts know the truth. Our happiness is the greatest gift we can give another.

I wish you ever increasing feelings of pure presence. If we are to meet face to face, I will pause to enjoy you and a being and a light. Thank you for being on this journey and for being one of the seekers of the world. Our world, I know, is made greater by your presence.

My gift to you…. If you would love a gift of The Presencing Meditation, email me and I will send you the link… [email protected] or look on my website under Resources and remember, “Slow is the New Fast”

Thank you, my friend, Tina Marie

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