Healing With Your Human Body Field

Healing With Your Human Body Field

by David & Virginia Landmesser

  Quantum physics have shown that there is a regulating field of energy and information that operates in the physical body at the sub-cellular level. Scientists refer to this Human Body Field (HBF) as the control center of the body's ability to provide healing. When distortions occur in this field due to trauma or stress, physical symptoms and deteriorating health are the result.

    It is your Human Body Field of energy and information that control biology. This field is a complex energetic structure that envelopes the physical body and is a continual exchange of information. The HBF serves as a master control system for all biological functions, including biochemical, emotional, motor and mental. All body activity needs information and energy to function. When discussing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we are talking about these meridians or pathways of information/energy transfer. DNA provides chemical information to the body for functioning and the HBF contains the patterns of energy/information that influence human biology.

    NES Health is a system of correcting distortions in this important area to immediately start improving stress levels, detoxification and overall healing. Using the NES Health system, you can easily start making changes to your limitations. You can have an energy treatment on your lunch break and return to work! First the NES Provision software scan is used to quickly upload results of what the Human Body field is indicating needs immediate relief. After the scan's reading of the HBF, the NES MiHealth PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency) device is used to provide energy to the shown HBF blockages with your scan. The daily treatment you can do for yourself to continue to correct distortions is with the effective NES Infoceutical drops. These assist your body to correct the information/energy pathways and can travel easily to give relief whenever needed.

    Everlasting Health & Wellness is providing the NES Health energy treatment in Houston and surrounding areas at an affordable rate! If you have tried to heal without success in the past, look no further! Professional athletes looking to go beyond a plateau and accomplish the next level of performance naturally have found what they are looking for with us. We extend an invitation for all to try our NES Health and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) at a discounted rate. You will experience results in just one session!

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