Training our mind to see Progress

Training our mind to see Progress

by Tina Marie St.Cyr

Learning simple, yet profound, tools that can help us shift our mental and emotional states and allow us to take our power back from distractions, outside negative influences, and spiraling worst case mentality help us lead energized and happy lives. And like, with any tool, be it a tool in the kitchen drawer, garage toolbox or desk drawer, we must first reach for it and pick it up in order to use it.

A tool I pick up and use time and time again is the mental equation that “Progress = Happiness”. It has been a long-standing mantra I have used to shift my mental and emotional states when worry begins to creep in. It is a simple saying yet, when applied in the moments when our self- sabotaging mind seeks to have us focus on what is going wrong, what is not happening fast enough or what is too much to bear, it becomes the lifeline that we can easily use to pick ourselves back up out of habits of worry.

The simple, yet profound strategies and tools I share here have helped thousands of people take their power back and create stellar, worth high five celebrating progress in their lives. It is my hope these tools will also help you.

Have a Daily Plan

Even the most ‘go with the flow’ person agrees that there is energy in a daily plan. The joy of the check mark is real… and we can use it as fuel to create steady progress. Monitor your wins, look to see what you are accomplishing and not only those things you are not accomplishing.  Start your day with what is working, what is great and what you are grateful for and you will be able to fuel the rest of your daily plan with positive energy.

Breaking Bad

Bad habits can drain us and leave us feeling confused, spent and hopeless. Bad habits, you know yours of choice, can appear in any area of our lives; health, money, relationships, career, business and even spirituality. Most often people identify a bad habit as one that wastes a resource, like time, money or health. Look around, inventory your bad habits and get a plan to gain control back from them. The sooner you conquer your bad habits the faster you will make amazing progress.

Honor Your Word

We lie to ourselves more than anyone else does. It is true that our word, our commitment, our agreement with ourselves and with others is a vital energy source of our confidence. To stay focused and make progress, and not become your own worst enemy, look at where you have given your agreement to yourself or to others and check whether or not you are keeping your word. Renegotiate, reposition and go for it again in a more energized way. 

Keep Healthy Boundaries

When we let our own self honoring boundaries go, we give our power away and sabotage our own progress. Knowing your own life path, honoring your core values, and aiming at what you want to create and achieve for yourself is the first priority. Even if you have a family and think, “Well I have to take care of others”… it is 100% in your core values to love your family so that is a priority which honors you. We are asked to take pause when the amount of time and energy we give into one area depletes the fulfillment in another. At the end of the day, when we honor our boundaries and honor the others in our lives, we create harmonious relationships … and that equals progress.

Focus on your progress. Train your mind to see forward movement, no matter how slight. From this perspective, more even better things will come, more energy will flow through you and you will feel so much happier. It is a journey and you have control on how you see your world.

Whichever mental state shifting tool or strategy you discover most lights you up, decide now to give that tool proper investigation, practice and place in your habits. I guarantee that your life WILL SHIFT. New, more aware perspectives will emerge. Use them and share what you notice on our social media sites linked from our website at

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