BB First Plant-Based Nephrologist in Houston

First Plant-Based Nephrologist in Houston

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Dr. Mary Washinton, MD

Dr. Mary Washington's COVID Interview Video

March is National Kidney Awareness Month. People who are on dialysis machines, living with kidney disease, received a kidney
transplant or donated a kidney to a loved one. However, did you know that it is estimated that 15-16 % of the US population is estimated to have chronic kidney disease? Even more disturbing is that 1 out of 10 people do not even know they have any kidney disease at all. That’s right. Just because you urinate doesn’t mean that your kidneys are working properly.

Enter Dr. Mary Washington. A licensed internal medicine doctor and Kidney Specialist (Nephrologist) practicing kidney transplantation, dialysis, hypertension, kidney stones and all other treatment-procedures for kidney diseases for over 20 years. But let’s face it, doctors are trained to prescribed pharmaceutical pills.

Frustrated and tired of placing people on dialysis machines, she started implementing a whole plant-based diet program(s) for patients diagnosed with kidney problems. Dr. Washington called this the RMD program. Along proceeded to open the Reversing Medical Disease clinic*. Even in its first year, she was already capable of enhancing her patient’s kidney function and helping them lower their blood pressures without taking medicines. In other words, this practice was proven to provide an alternative to enhancing health and treatment without taking medication.

Food was indeed the most delicious medicine of all.

Arming herself with the tools taken plant-based nutrition courses, both on-line and in-person, she found that she was not alone. Loads of scientific-based evidence existed regarding using whole plant non-processed food to cure chronic disease for years. Matter of fact, even to reverse type 2 diabetes. Preparing your own meals at home, making sure you play (not everyone likes a gym) and leading by example has been Dr. Washington’s way of life.

Practicing lifestyle changes takes time. To go shopping at a grocery store, select USD organic food, prepare the food, then teach her clients how to create healthy delicious meals is what you would envisiona personal chef doing. Yet Dr. Washington knows this is the way to cure her patients of obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver, hypertension and yes, chronic kidney disease.

Educational courses on chronic kidney disease management, obesity management, busting myths on alkaline water or taken supplements are just a few of the many topics that she empowers her clients with so they can take back control of their health today!.

Dr. Washington states, “ I am so happy practicing my specialty in this manner. I actually cure people who follow my treatment plan
For more information regarding her services, educational videos AND to learn more about hypertension, stages of chronic kidney disease and more, Go to her website today. 

Empower yourself with knowledge about Kidney Disease and Prevention.

*What is Reversing Medical Disease Clinic?

The RMD programs take a detailed look at your lifestyle habits. It is as if Dr. Washington lives with you and know these habits. We
review what are realistic attainable goals for you. Both short term and long term goals which the ultimate goal is to be safely off of
medicines and to have an active fun physical lifestyle. This program is a three-phase comprehensive program that emphasizes
education, plant-based nutrition, and physical activity. Understanding why we make certain choices that can be destructive or
constructive for our health helps Dr. Washington prescribe ‘Food As medicine'.


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