Letter from the Publishers: May 2020



As I type this letter, it has been a month since everything really changed…social distancing began followed up quickly with stay-at-home orders and mask-wearing. Cindy and I are healthy and safe. It’s a bit surrealistic being out here. We took our basenjis for a walk down our dirt road this morning. The sky is clear blue. It’s cool and breezy and everything smells of wild flowers and new grass. The garden is growing and soon we will have fresh tomatoes to go with all the lettuce and arugula.

The times we’ve gone into Houston on business or College Station to wash closes or buy groceries, I’m struck by the drastic change. These are changes that I’m sure many of you live with daily: streets empty of traffic, stores closed, and lines outside grocery stores of people wearing masked waiting for their turn to go in… I am lifted up by the stories I have heard and situations I have witnessed where people are supporting one another—caring for the ill, feeding the hungry, comforting the lonely. In order to support others—in our families and communities—we need to find ways to reduce our stress and increase the health of our immune system. The best way to remain healthy is by staying rested and hydrated; eating well; exercising; getting outside for fresh air, Vitamin D and a connection with nature; and by finding ways to stay calm and grounded, perhaps by connecting with others online/by phone, through meditation and journaling, getting lost in a good book, creating art/music, learning a new hobby or playing a game. Some days are certainly better than others and we need to give ourselves permission to be okay in each moment with where we are. Then take a deep breath and move on to the next moment. If you need professional assistance or guidance, I hope you will get the support you need; there are many local practitioners and businesses offering virtual or modified services to help 

This month, there are articles that don’t talk directly about the COVID-19 Crisis but do address improving our immune system and de-stressing ourselves. Please patronize our advertisers, check their websites for new hours and virtual services. They are what makes it possible for us to bring Natural Awakenings to you. Take advantage of your new print and digital subscriptions so you don’t miss an issue. Until next time, stay safe and be kind.

bright blessings,

Cindy & Mike Hart


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