Letter from the Publishers: January 2020

publishersJanuary 2019 Letter from the Publishers


It’s a new year and with that come new opportunities, new challenges and of course, changes. One of the biggest changes in the magazine is the new digital offerings. While we will continue to be a print magazine,growth and new offerings will be in digital forms.

This past July, we rolled out our newly improved website which has all the articles and features of the print magazine. Last month, we rolled out our expanded digital flipbook. Every month there are good articles that we just don’t have room to publish in the print edition. Starting last month, they were included in an expanded version of the digital flipbook. This month they will also appear on the website. In addition to the flipbook and the website, we also offer the articles in as mobile stories especially formatted to be read on your smartphone.You only have to download the ISSUU app, search for Natural Awakenings Houston and subscribe. While the articles that appear in the print version as well as the print version itself will continue to be free, this month we will begin charging a nominal fee for the premium digital articles. If you prefer to read the magazine in the flipbook or mobile stories app form, you may purchase a subscription from ISSUU. If you prefer to read it on the website, we have partnered with LaterPay so that you may read articles and then decide to pay later either for the article, the issue or by taking out an annual subscription. It is our hope that you will enjoy the extra content and will feel that it is more than worth the small price you might pay.

As we get further into the Texas winter, be sure to stay warm and be kind to one another.

Bright blessings,
Mike & Cindy Hart


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