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Three Tips For Opening The Path To Abundance By Ange Dickson Finn

Three Tips For Opening The Path To Abundance

By Ange Dickson Finn

What’s your definition of abundance? Lots of money? Nice things, cool trips? Outward success and admiration?

Do a test for yourself. Stop right now and ask, how blocked you feel from having what you think of as abundance.

Now, what if abundance isn’t what you think it is? Could you allow yourself to be surprised?

In one of my group courses on the Go From Ow To Wow® Process for Abundance, a participant gave a great example of learning about her own block to abundance, and how it opened up a path she never expected.

This energetic woman worked on an hourly basis. She wanted to make more money and get more gigs, so she assumed she needed to drive herself to work more hours.

Through the process of working on this assumption using meridian tapping techniques, she realized she most emphatically did NOT want to be working harder and more hours. In fact, what she wanted was to give herself permission to take time off sometimes.

Although it felt scary, she allowed herself to turn down work and take free time. First she found she enjoyed her life more. And on the heels of making this change, she was surprised and delighted to start getting more and higher paid offers coming her way.

During the course, she began working fewer hours while maintaining and eventually growing her income—and still enjoying some free time for herself.

In my course I lead people through a series of lessons and exercises to help them discover what they really want--and what’s really holding them back.

Here are three tips from the Go From Ow To Wow® Process to help you feel your way into a more abundant feeling about life.

Tip One: Find Your Blocks

First, imagine living an abundant life, however you define it, and notice your positive feelings when you imagine it. Jot down 3 feelings--not what you think you want, but how you would feel if you had them.

Now jot down 3 negative feelings. These often pop up in the form of “yeah, but” as in, “I’d feel relaxed—yeah, but I’d also feel worried about losing it all.” These negative feelings give you clues to what’s holding you back.

Use your favorite technique for resolving them—in the Go From Ow To Wow Course we use Emotional Freedom Techniques tapping.

Tip Two: Identify Your Limiting Beliefs About Money

While I never encourage anyone to “tap for money”, money itself is a powerful archetype in our culture as a symbol for abundance and success. We all learned something from our family and our culture about money and the people who have a lot of it. These beliefs can keep us from true abundance, whether we have plenty of wealth or not nearly enough.

Think about having a lot of money and quickly jot down three sayings that immediately come to mind. Some examples might be, “money is the root of all evil” or “you don’t get ahead without hard work.”

Again, use your favorite technique to take the stuffing out of these long-held beliefs, and see what you notice.

Tip Three: Find Your Limiting Loyalty Promise

Did you know you’re living out a promise, or vow, to be loyal to family dynamics and it’s affecting your path to abundance? In fact, you may unknowingly be trapped by it.

Think for a moment about how the limiting beliefs you identified are linked to your family. This happens in well-to-do families and not so well-off families. And you’re probably not even fully aware of it.

Maybe in your family the loyalty promise was to follow the path of sure success in a profession that will earn a lot. You may have become a highly paid, overworked lawyer when you really wanted to open your own restaurant.

On the opposite side, you might have decided early on to earn your way out of an upbringing of poverty, but the more success you have, the more you feel you’re distancing yourself from your family. Your loyalty promise requires you to choose between having enough and staying close to your family.

Once you fully recognize your loyalty promise, use your techniques to come to peace with that recognition, and notice what surprising opportunity opens up for you—as it did for the woman who worked less and earned more.

Give yourself permission to discover what your heart truly wants in order to feel abundant about your life. It may not be what you thought it was.

Interested in opening the path to abundance in your life? Contact me at ange@tapintoyourself.com or 832-722-5955 to inquire about groups and self-led courses for the Go From Ow To Wow® Process for Abundance. I’m a certified Emotional Freedom Techniques and Thought Field Therapy-Algorithms practitioner.


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