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Letter from the Publishers


Spring is finally here and wow, this has been one “interesting” year. While I like to plan ahead, each month Cindy and I have had to focus on just getting through this month, this week, this day... It’s an odd way to live but it does force you to live in the “now” realizing that the past is gone and the future is not promised to anyone. . READ MORE

affirming naturally by Doyle Ward

affirming naturally: 
Today I take time to celebrate me

by Doyle Ward

You have more than 55,000 thoughts each day. Many are the same thoughts over and over again. Every single one is an affirmation; this also includes everything that you say. By reducing your negative thoughts and words and increasing the positive ones, you can reshape your life.  Expecting a better day helps to create a better life. The only place we have to take action or make changes is the present. . READ MORE


Strong & Supple Joints: 
how to keep hips & knees happy

by Ronica O'Hara

Occasional knee or hip pain affects almost everyone, keeping us from daily tasks, making sitting painful and walking difficult. Causes can range from over-exercise to injuries, obesity and arthritis as we age. By the time we reach 65 years or older, 69 percent of women and 56 percent of men have arthritic symptoms, according to Boston University researchers. Costly joint replacement surgery which carries a high risk of adverse effects is often recommended for advanced cases, but by taking simple, natural preventive and remedial measures proactively, we can strengthen our knee and hip joints, handle related problems if they arise and remain physically strong and active.. READ MORE



In addition to the traditional chiropractic focus on adjusting the spine to ease joint pain, many doctors today are using a wide array of approaches to ameliorate hip and knee pain, whether the cause is an injury, inflammation, arthritis or a chronic condition..  READ MORE


Calm Down: taming the flames of stress-related illness
by Marlaina Donato

We are beings of neurochemical and hormonal intricacy, and within this mixed bag of biology lies our magic. Our human experience is visceral: we cry from sadness and joy, flush from embarrassment, laugh with amusement and exhibit quirky mannerisms when we lie. Whether we see it as a blessing or a curse, we’re hardwired to embody the sacred fire of our emotions..READ MORE


Working from Home: what a pain in the neck!
by Dr. Alayna Pagani, DC

During the COVID 19 pandemic many of us, including our children, are working from home and virtual learning.  This is causing an increase in poor posture due to poor ergonomics with our at home work stations.  Poor ergonomics is having an impact on people of all ages, some starting as young as 3 years old! It is extremely important to have the correct work set up to prevent injuries and pain from poor posture. 


Meditate for Peace of Mind

by Lin Weiss

Sometimes a story can teach much more than entire philosophical treatises. Zen Buddhism is a tradition rich in the use of short stories to help students develop a deeper understanding of reality…
“Two men were arguing about a flag flapping in the wind. “It’s the wind that is really moving,” stated the first one. “No, it is the flag that is moving,” contended the second.
A Zen master, who happened to be walking by, overheard the debate and interrupted them. “Neither the flag nor the wind is moving,” he said, “It is MIND that moves.” 


A Better Breakfast: healthy tips and recipes to start the day

by Aril Thompson

Breakfast sets the stage for the day ahead, and it can either drain or energize us, depending on the what, when and how much aspects of the meal. While health experts agree that many traditional breakfast foods can do more harm than good, delicious, healthy alternatives are within easy reach of the breakfast table. READ MORE


How a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Improves Insulin resistance

by Libby Rome

When contemplating a shift toward a plant-based diet, some may prematurely mourn the loss of their favorite meaty classics. Luckily, enterprising vegan chefs have experimented with flavors and textures that will lure almost any palate into loving a plant-based version of their favorite dishes without resorting to processed foods. READ MORE



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Meatless Makeover 
A Plant-Based Spin on Classic Dishes

by April Thompson

When contemplating a shift toward a plant-based diet, some may prematurely mourn the loss of their favorite meaty classics. Luckily, enterprising vegan chefs have experimented with flavors and textures that will lure almost any palate into loving a plant-based version of their favorite dishes without resorting to processed foods. READ MORE


Eating Greener
Tips for Plant-Based Living

Eating more fruits and vegetables as part of a plant-based diet is catching on. In 2019, more than one third of Americans said they plan to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets to achieve their wellness resolutions, according to data company YouGov. For those new to “green eating”—and even for veggie-minded veterans—lots of helpful information is available now on what to consider in buying, preparing, re-using and discarding food.  READ MORE


Vegan Fitness
A Healthy Choice for Body and Planet

by Marlaina Donato

Tennis champion Venus Williams and New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady are among the athletes that opt for healthy, plant-dominant diets to reach their personal best, a trend that belies some misconceptions about what it means to be vegan. “Going vegan implies a larger, lifestyle choice based on personal ethics, but athletes report that they just feel better,” says Brenda Carey, editor-in-chief of Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine. “They’re also surprised at how well they put on muscle after making this dietary change.”  READ MORE


Hemp Gets Hot
Meet the Hardest Working Plant on the Planet

by Julie Peterson

A crop that was illegal in U.S. soil for more than half a century is now reaching for the sun. Industrial hemp, the low- or no-THC cousin to marijuana, has created high hopes among farmers, agricultural researchers, manufacturers and consumers. By 2019, America had become the world’s third-largest producer, behind Canada and China, where it’s been cultivated for 8,500 years. READ MORE


Natural Remedies for Kids

by Ronica O’Hara

March brings us the first whiffs of fragrant spring air, along with a heightened chance of runny noses, coughs, sore throats and congestion in our youngsters. The spring and fall months are the most likely times to catch a cold because seasonal allergens inflame nostrils, making it easier for cold viruses to have their way. Although many worried parents reach for cold and cough medicines, antihistamines or even antibiotics, there is little evidence that these ease symptoms or hasten recovery, and they may even cause harm, according to reports from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).  READ MORE


Kibble Quandary
A Fresh Look at Pet Food

by Julie Peterson

Eating healthy is a family affair, and that includes the family pet. However, what works for humans may be less than optimal for Fluffy or Fido, as each requires a species-specific, nutritionally balanced regimen. Most pet parents opt for commercial dog or cat food that comes in a bag or a can, but many are beginning to consider more natural options. “Kibble is often the most economical way to feed your pet. But its processed state makes it the least optimal,” says Angie Krause, DVM, at Boulder Holistic Vet, in Colorado. READ MORE


Ronnie Cummins on Growing a Movement

by Elizabeth Greene

For five decades, human rights activist, journalist and author Ronnie Cummins has campaigned for natural health and the environment. Since he co-founded the Organic Consumers Association in 1998, the nonprofit has grown to a network that’s 2 million people strong, dedicated to promoting organic food, regenerative farming and commerce through global initiatives that integrate public education, marketplace pressure, media outreach, litigation and grassroots lobbying.  READ MORE

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