Letter from the Publishers May 2023


Greetings from our little cabin in the woods! April has been a busy month and May promises to be even busier. As publishers, we get to read the articles before you do, and every month there is at least one that really hits home. Our Inspiration department for May is “The Divine Messiness of Motherhood,” and while we don’t have children at home that need to be taken to soccer games and helped with their homework, both Cindy and I can relate to having a lot on our many plates.

Just knowing that it’s ok to not be totally ok is a relief. Life is busy and complicated, and there is no way that any of us can do everything that we need to do and do all of it well. There is no way we can be perfect people, but we can be the best be are able. It starts with being good to ourselves, with realizing that it’s ok to not get everything done and celebrating the couple of things we did really well, including a few minor routine adjustments that renew our sanity and energy.

So, here’s hoping that you have a good month and find a few new ways to be good to yourself.

Cindy & Mike Hart


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