Letter from the Publishers June 2022


 Cindy and I both feel like we have reached a major milestone in our lives. Last month she celebrated her 70th birthday, and I will be celebrating mine this fall. Seventy seems awfully old, but Cindy is feeling better than she has in year and I’m still bicycling at least 40 miles a week, so maybe 70 is the new 30 or something.

This doesn’t mean that we don't have many of the same stressors in our lives that we all have been experiencing the past few years. The truth is that we have all been traumatized to one degree or another. I believe that the first step in dealing with these traumas and stressors is to acknowledge that they are real. Positivity can be a good thing, but the sort of toxic positivity that encourages people to tough it out or pretend that nothing is wrong not only prevents healing, but causes further harm.

We have spiritual practices that we do daily, and when they aren’t quite enough we reach out to people who are more trained and experienced than we are. This month’s articles take a look at various therapies that are successful in healing trauma and stress, and although emphasis is on men, the same advice applies to women, as well.

So this month, take some time out to kind to yourself and don’t hesitate to reach out to the fine professionals who support our magazine for help.

bright blessings,

Cindy & Mike Hart


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