HW Cleanse and Detox with Colonics


Cleanse and Detox with Colonics

by Joyce Long

A colonic is the popular name for colon irrigation of the large intestine with sanitized, filtered water under gentle pressure to wash out or detoxify if of stagnated waste material. Think of it as a full intestinal enema. Ordinary enemas usually only wash the last part of the colon, but the cleansing procedure of a colon irrigation can remove at least 22 known toxins, stale bile and waste material that may be poisoning the system.

The 1500 B.C. Egyptian Ebers Papyrus includes colon irrigation in its description of medical practices of the time. Hypocrites, the father of modern medicine, mentioned them as therapy for fever. In the second century A.D., Greek physician Claudius Galen’s, medical writings refer to the use of enemas. The Essenes, an first-century Jewish ascetic community, used water therapy to rid the body of uncleanliness and diseases that defile the body, which is the temple of the soul. Colon irrigation is still used by chiropractors and naturopaths today. using purified water and sterilized, disposable equipment to ensure safety.

The colon—part of the large intestine and a key part of the digestive system—is the body’s major elimination organ. It is the last place where water and nutrients from the food we eat can be digested and absorbed by the body with the help of specific beneficial bacteria before it is eliminated. The colon also draws moisture from the stool to hydrates the body by contributing water and electrolytes to the blood.

If the colon is weak or dysfunctional, waste builds up. Requiring the liver, kidneys, skin and lungs to work harder to eliminate waste from the body. There are several general causes for waste buildup: bad dietary habits, not drinking enough water, emotional stress, the restrictive work schedules of many adults, illness and physical stress. Whatever the cause, colon irrigation removes the stagnated waste.

Colonic technicians do not treat diseases or illnesses, but colon irrigation hygiene is complementary to any recommendation or programs of a healthcare professional. It is important to check with a doctor or primary care provider before incorporating colon irrigation or other changes to any health routine.

Joyce Long is nationally registered massage therapist/massage instructor, as well as a nationally certified colon therapist practicing in the Houston area. She was named to Who’s Who in America 1995. For more information, call the Joyce Long Wellness Institute at 281-344-0095 or visit JoyceLongWellness.com.

Questions to ask when selecting a colonics therapist.

1. What are their credentials? Are they a member of I-ACT or any other organization that requires C.E hours and compliance with Health Department regulations?

2. Are the credentials, maintenance schedule and department of health information posted for in public view?

3. Does the facility have a whole building water filtration system and a safety backflow preventer?

4. Does the therapist use the open or closed system? Both are effective, with advantages and disadvantages to both. With an open system, clients lie comfortably on their back and can pause the session to urinate if needed. With the closed system, they lie on their side and must ask for the therapist to remove them from the system to urinate.


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