HB Beneficial Uses of Kratom


Beneficial Uses of Kratom

Kratom is an herbal product made from the leaves of a shrub native to Southeast Asia. It comes in four main varieties that are identified by the color of the veins and stems: red, white, green and yellow. To determine whether a person might benefit from using kratom, it is useful to consider some of the historical uses of the herb.

Energy: Green veins are commonly used to ward off fatigue from long hours of physical labor.

Mood Lift/Anxiety: Green and white veins have been used to improve mood in social settings or lift the spirits and ward off anxiety.

Pain: Historically used to ease moderate to severe pain. Testing has shown that it can be 20 times more effective than morphine in studies on mice, without the respiratory depression.

Mental Focus: White veins have been used to increase cognitive functions and aid in mentally tedious work, making the body calm, but the mind focused.

Withdrawal: Kratom has been historically successfully used to treat withdrawal symptoms from opium. In modern times, anecdotal evidence shows people have much higher success rate transitioning off alcohol, opioids and amphetamines with the help of kratom.

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