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Dr. LaTronica Fisher holds a doctoral degree in Clinical Nursing Practice from the University of Miami and started on the road to practice non-traditional medicine after the loss of her father to cancer. She knew there had to be a better way for her family going forward in healthcare and that if it was to be, it was up to her. Her dream was to create a better life for my family through non-traditional medicine.

Dr. Fisher founded Dr. Fisher Road 2 Wellness and has recently moved her practice to the Galleria area. She advocates for over 200 products that are all natural and free of excipients (homeopathic, organic herbals, and clean nutritional formulas). These are both evidenced-based and have been proven successful in clinical testing.

If you want to live longer and experience maximized energy, weight-loss, eliminate allergies, balance your hormones the natural way, message Dr. Fisher via her website or give her a call today.

Dr. Fisher Road 2 Wellness
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