Your Brain Knows the Answer


When you’ve exhausted every option, where do you turn?

Your brain knows the answer. It’s not WHAT you think, or even HOW you think and not about being more disciplined. It’s about the brain itself. In order to sleep better, enjoy a peace-filled life uncontrolled by anxiety, experience life in a positive light and enjoy sustained energy your brain needs to govern your life in a balanced manner. The left and right brain hemispheres, in corresponding lobes, must be rhythmically coordinated like two dance partners. When brain rhythms are unbalanced, there’s a problem. When brain lobes don’t dance well together there are parts of your life experience which are not as you would like them.

When a warrior returning home is diagnosed with post-traumatic stress (PTS or PTSD), studies have shown the condition isn’t associated with WHAT they think or HOW they think and it isn’t solved with masking the condition with medications or talking about it. The brain itself is out of balance. Wake Forest School of Medicine has published articles about the brain patterns of returning warriors suffering from PTS or the stresses of war. These studies measured results when Cereset®Research before and after Cereset brain relaxation was used for the soldier to relax the brain. The results were incredible. Yes, these men and women reported significant differences in their sleep, anxiety, depression, and overall condition after Cereset sessions and the research team could actually graph that change in corresponding brain lobes and measure improved brain balance.

Sometimes the stresses of life become unbearable. Attempts to straighten things out on our own causes increased stress at times. We may actually end up feeling like we want to run away or fight the source of our stress. When a brain is right-side dominant the client often experiences insomnia, anxiety, possibly depression, and mental fog with an inability to focus. This condition is commonly known as “fight-or-flight.” Conversely, when the left and right sides of the brain begin to dance well together again, the client usually experiences restful sleep, peace and hopefulness, greater mental clarity and focus, and a sense of relaxed wellbeing.

Sometimes the opposite is true. We face life obstacles that we can do nothing about, like loss of a loved one, a relationship breakup, job loss, or financial crisis. When the brain faces those situations and says “I can’t,” it switches to numbing to sustain us without burning out. This is called a “freeze” response. The numbing or freeze response created by a left-side brain dominance can cause insomnia and depression, hopelessness, lack of energy, and a sense of doom. When the brain relaxes and resets itself so both sides dance together in a coordinated fashion, no longer is one side overpowering the dance. As a result, the client usually experiences restful sleep, feeling alive and engaged, and a sense of hopefulness and wellbeing.

You can be certain many difficulties you face have their roots in an imbalanced brain. Though traditional modalities may provide temporary relief, they typically don’t help support the brain’s amazing ability to self-heal. Cereset has been shown conclusively to support re-balancing the brain to its natural self-healing state.

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