Letter From the Publishers October 2019



Cindy and I are looking forward to cooler weather. Not cold, just cooler, ok? Somehow the summer vegetables in the garden just kept on growing but there are two rows that we didn’t plant that are ready to become our fall garden. For us this has always been the time of the year to look back and remember good times past, to remember our parents and their parents and to celebrate where we came from. We look forward to the lifting of the burn ban so we can cook outdoors and although living in The Cabin kind of is like camping out, go on some fall camping trips together.

October’s issue brings an abundance of health and environmental news that underscores the importance of paying attention to the little things. For example, educators all over the world are starting to focus on the mind-body connection with curriculum aimed at bringing mindfulness to the classroom. Studies show the result is calmer, happier, more focused kids. Read all about it in “Mindfulness in the Classroom: Meditative Training Helps Kids Thrive.” If your child’s school is not open to teaching meditation in the classroom, we have two great local resources you should check out: Chung Tai Zen Center and Universal Door Meditation Center.  This month’s Action Alert gives you something you can do to help stop the Amazon Fires. Our Sustainability Section deals with the concept of moving toward a “circular economy”. This month is Natural Childbirth Month and we celebrate with our directory and an informative article about this most special joy. In our Plant Medicine section we have a locally written article on CBD.

So, lots to learn about and lots to do this month. Cindy and I hope you enjoy this month’s issue of our little magazine. Be sure to thank our advertisers because they are the folks who make it possible.

Bright blessings,
Mike & Cindy Hart


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