Letter from the Publishers April 2021


Spring is finally here and wow, this has been one “interesting” year. While I like to plan ahead, each month Cindy and I have had to focus on just getting through this month, this week, this day... It’s an odd way to live but it does force you to live in the “now” realizing that the past is gone and the future is not promised to anyone. With the coming of spring, the blue bonnets, Indian paintbrush and Indian blanket flowers have started to bloom up and down the hillside where The Cabin is located. Cindy has picked out the seeds and seedlings and I have begun planting firmly assured that we aren’t going to have another deep freeze this year. We are going to try our hand at planting some Gueje trees (see page 9) to hopefully replace some of the Yaupon that has taken over most of the property. I’ve also notice that business has begun to pick up and each month several new business are contacting us asking to be a part of the Natural Awakenings family. 

This month’s magazine has a variety of articles from the health effects of climate change to ways to detox your home and your body. Environmentalism can permeate every part of your life from how you work out to how you meditate, and why not? If we all work together and each do our part, we can become the change we want to see!

So, until next month try to enjoy a little something each day because each day is really all we’ve got and you might as well enjoy it.

Cindy & Mike Hart


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