Letter From the Publishers


June 2019 Letter from the Publishers

     As we enter the Dog Days of Summer, Cindy and I enjoy watching the continually changing pallet of color in the wildflowers blooming down the hillside from The Cabin. The different wildflowers have taken turns blooming so the colors have shifted from blues to orange to pink and purple to finally gold. We’ve harvested the first tomatoes and zucchinis from the garden and are looking forward to just walking out the front door to pick fresh vegetables.

     Most of us are aware of the brain-body connection but usually focus on how the brain, what we think about, affects our body’s health. This month’s theme of Brain Health looks at things from the opposite perspective.  How food and exercise affect our brain’s health. Right now, our exercise consists mainly of walking the dogs close to a mile every day, gardening and general repairs around The Cabin. We try to eat healthy without being obsessive about it. After reading this month’s food article on the health benefits of mushrooms and downloading the free recipe book from Monterey Mushrooms, we will be adding them to our menus.

     Almost every month I end our letter with something Cindy’s mother often said, “Be kind.” That’s good advice but this month we’d like to remind you to also be kind to yourself.

Bright blessings,
Mike & Cindy Hart


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