LC The Body Ecology Of Spring


The Body Ecology Of Spring
By Lin Weiss

In traditional Chinese medicine spring is a time of detoxifying and cleansing.  The element associated with springtime is wood, the color is green and the organ influences are that of the gall bladder and liver.

Digestive distress may surface in the spring including symptoms indicative of toxicity in the body, i.e. allergies; lethargy; weight gain; mucous and congestion anywhere in the body; pain; constipation; moodiness; PMS; and the list goes on… Our bodies are intimately connected to the earth and its elemental influences.  If we are listening to the messages in our bodies (symptoms) and the signs in nature (seasons; weather; plants; animals; skies; sun; moon cycles) we can move in rhythm and harmony with physically, emotional, mentally and spiritually. When allergies reveal it is an alert from the body to the mind that there is imbalance, low immunity and/or toxicity.  The body will attempt to eliminate by the usual means (urine, feces, perspiration, menstruation). When there is an overload it will create mucous to help clear the poisons. The trees and flowers in spring, simply, volunteer the expression of pollen to offer a secondary alert. Just as a rich, plant-based diet stimulates the metabolism in support of proper elimination and nutritional absorption, pollen triggers a histamine response to stimulate detoxification. The life force within plants and botanicals is divine by design to work with and in support of our bodies and wellbeing. If we are in balance, we will not be susceptible to the pollen “blasts” that often initiate a chain of events designed to heal not hinder.  If we are toxic – allergies may ensue.  Some may experience pain at the change of seasons, or what western medicine often refers to as “the flu”.  The flu, when negotiated from a holistic perspective can be extremely cleansing. After a flu-like episode we may feel a deep sense of renewal, colors seem brighter and we may experience more clarity of mind. This is often referred to as the healing crisis. Dis-ease, when embraced can clear ancient pain, debris and toxicity.   We all experience imbalances from time to time and these signs and symptoms are the natural way of things. This is the way the body and nature support us.

The gall bladder has to do with making decisions and being decisive.  Gallstones reflect bitterness, hard thoughts, condemnation and pride.  We heal this energy by releasing the past Joyously. Acknowledging the sweetness in our lives can bring the energy of harmony back into our being.  In spring we imagine a lush green garden and the planning and implementation necessary to grow and nurture healthy relationships. 

The liver is the largest organ in the body and the major organ of detoxification.  The liver is associated with primal emotion.  Emotions are energy in motion, and must transit the physical body into what is our personal expression.  Spring is an important time to examine the emotions we have been holding on to and, once identified, we can make a concerted effort to lovingly release the past.  The liver can hold a lot of anger, which if unexpressed reveals as toxicity in the physical body.  Anger is a gift and must be managed appropriately.  One must first acknowledge that anger is present, take responsibility for that anger and parlays it into constructive forward movement.  This requires the energies of willpower and integrity.  Self-examination with unbridled honesty and non-judgmental awareness is paramount to the ability to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Only when we accept our humanity with love and compassion, can we love others unconditionally.  As my dear friend, Grahame Martin, so eloquently states in his book, The Seven Mysteries: The purpose of your heart is to love unconditionally.  A closed heart is incapable of this and may close the heart of another or hinder group spirit.  One of the greatest accomplishments on this earth is to learn to love unconditionally.  

No coincidence, the heart dwells adjacent to the liver.
So, for me, spring comes bearing an obvious message to transmute any negative emotion. Not to resist it, but to embrace it. So that I may learn what my body is working so diligently to convey to me.  It is the ignorance of this dynamic insurgence of information that creates dis-ease.  

There are as many ways to detoxify as there are ways to become toxic.  Nature has provided all that we need.  Seek compassionate and qualified professionals to assist you on your healing journey.  Life is constantly seeking to renew itself.  The body has infinite wisdom, the universe is benevolent and life is sweet.

Lin Weiss is a Holistic Healer, Mind/Body Practitioner, Life Coach and Yoga Therapist in private practice in Houston.  She is a warm, caring  & compassionate healer with a broad base of knowledge & wisdom. To schedule a session, contact Lin at 713.858.8595.


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