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by Dr. Alayna Pagnani-Gendron,DC

Chiropractic care is for the entire family.  October is National Chiropractic Health Month and what better time than to get your whole family under care.  Establishing a healthy spine early in life sets us up for health.  Just as you take regular care of your teeth, your spine needs regular care.  You only get one spine so take care of it.

During the COVID 19 pandemic many of us, including our children, are working from home and virtual learning.  This is causing an increase in poor posture due to poor ergonomics with our at home work stations.  Poor ergonomics is having an impact on people of all ages, some starting as young as 3 years old! It is extremely important to have the correct work set up to prevent injuries and pain from poor posture.


Why Does My Back and Neck Hurt During and After Work?

70% of the work force now sits on the job in front of computers.  Poor sitting posture and poorly designed workstations are major causes of neck and back pain, which is termed computer desk syndrome.  The human body was not designed to sit for extended periods of time or work in awkward positions that chronically contract or stretch muscles.  This results in increased tension and strain on your back muscles as well as tightness of your hamstrings and pectorals muscles, leading to neck and back pain.


How Can I Prevent Computer Desk Syndrome?

Sitting ergonomically correct at your desk will help to prevent back and neck pain.  Let’s start with your chair.  

  • The height of the chair should allow your feet to support only the weight of your lower legs.  Your hips should be sitting at a 90-degree angle.
  •  Position the backrest nearly upright so that you have head support. Fine-tune the backrest and lumbar support to provide full contact with your lumbar curve.
  • Position the monitor with the top of the screen at eye level at least 20’’ from your eyes.
  • Use a document holder to place documents as close to the monitor as possible, preferably around the same height and viewing distance as your eyes.  
  • Lastly, adjust the keyboard to keep your arms, wrists and hands in a straight line. Your hands should be slightly lower than your elbows.


Other Tips on How to Keep my Spine Healthy:

  • Step away from the computer every 30-45 minutes.  Take a two-minute break to talk a short walk and stretch
  • Use a ball as your chair.  This not only help to decrease tenson on your lower back it also helps to work the core muscles.
  • Try using a standing desk for most of you workday.
  • Set a reminder every hour to reset your posture
  • Limit screen time after work hours
  • Maintain regular visits to your chiropractor.


By visiting your chiropractor and getting regular adjustments you are helping to keep your spine and vertebrae limber and in proper alignment which will help to decrease injury.  Your chiropractor will also be able to customize the appropriate exercises and stretches for your body.  Use Chiropractic Health Month to jump start your entire families spinal health! 


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