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Performance Pain & Sports Medicine
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Our experienced team of physicians, physical therapists and other medical experts can take care of a variety of pain and mobility issues without using invasive approaches or surgical procedures. We create a personalized treatment plan focusing on your needs and the severity of your injury. When you seek treatment from us, you won’t get the traditional cookie cutter approach. Patient-focused care using our interdisciplinary platform provides more effective coordination and customization of your care. Regardless of the nature of your pain or its severity, Performance Pain & Sports Medicine has the tools to optimize your health and wellness so you can overcome your pain, regain mobility, and get back your quality of life.

We don’t use band-aid approaches to treating pain conditions. Rather, we work to fix the problem for the long haul. Our commitment is to help you recover as fully as possible so you can enjoy things you love most, such as walking, running and sports. Through the integration of pain management, sports performance,  medical-based wellness, and more, we address all aspects of your pain problems. We treat the gamut of problems, including back pain, pinched nerves, sciatica, disc problems, herniated discs, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, foot and ankle pain, elbow pain, joint pain, headaches, spinal problems, muscle aches, whiplash, sports injuries, migraines, sprains, strains and much more! Call us to request an appointment and get a personalized treatment plan underway today and stop living with pain


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