Exploring Health and Higher Consciousnes


Exploring Health & Higher Consciousness Through the Chakra System

By: Lin Weiss  MH/MHT



Energetic Healing addresses the subtle energy systems within and around the physical body.  Clearing & balancing the Chakra system involves a deep understanding of the psychological patterns that are pertinent to each chakra and each level of the auric field. The study of multi-dimensional healing realities through the Chakra system offers freedom from habitual, negative behavior patterns, making it possible to achieve radiant, vibrant health.

Chakras are vortices of energy located in the physical body working in alignment with the endocrine system.  When these become blocked and stagnant, energetic imbalance occurs and disease in the physical body ensues.  When chakras are open and clear the opportunity for physical healing increases exponentially.  Proper energy flow, chi or prana is essential for creating health and vitality in the physical, emotional, mental and soul bodies of an individual.  Clearing psychic residue, unresolved trauma & negativity is a major component of this work as it integrates the mind and body, helping one to become more aware of how energy follows every thought and how we are creating our physical realities moment by moment.

Chakra Balancing works on the seven whirling energetic centers within the physical body, each known as a “Chakra”. Our entire body vibrates at a basic frequency of approximately 8 cycles per second, which is the same frequency as the basic electromagnetic field of the Earth. Chakras are measurable patterns of electromagnetic activity for receiving, assimilating, and transmitting life-force energy to and within the body.  Located deep within the center of the body along the spinal column, each chakra draws in energy (called chi or prana) from the Universe and distributes this vital energy to the glands and organs within the body, and through the bloodstream and nervous systems for optimum health and well being. Imbalances in the chakras are known as energetic blocks. When there is unreleased emotion such as fear, anger or guilt accumulated from past experiences or when there's been a lack of nurturing, love, and encouragement during the developmental period, the energy flows less freely to and from the chakras. Whenever a person blocks an experience, he/she blocks the flow of energy to/from their chakras. When the chakras become blocked and clogged with stagnated energy, they can spin irregularly, backwards or can even become distorted or torn. When the chakras are functioning normally, each one will be open and spin properly to metabolize the particular energies needed from the universal energy field.

Energetic healing opens the chakras and recalibrates one to the appropriate life-giving frequencies, affording the body and the individual an opportunity to heal and begin again.

To study and embrace the chakra system as a map of conscious awareness can reconnect us to the elements of nature, each other, and ourselves, transforming our lives for the better and capturing the spirit of our higher purpose.


Lin Weiss is a Mind/Body Practitioner, Life & Wellness Coach in private practice in Houston, TX.  Lin has developed and honed her professional abilities as an Energy Healer to inspire personal growth, physical well being and a renewed sense of life’s purpose.  She specializes in Brain Balance; Chakra Attunement; Homeopathy; Nutritional Healing; & Zero Energy Balance Technology.  To schedule a private session or register for the 2019-2020 curriculum beginning in September, contact Lin at 713.858.8595 or linweiss@conscioushealingnow.com.




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