dr. nettie's healthy finds: October 2020

dr nettie

DEFY Cryo Spa & Float

I keep my eyes and ears open to find new and healthy modalities to help my client and myself be healthier and happier.
We live in a toxic world, full of invisible toxins that our bodies collect.  Unless we are proactively helping ourselves to get rid of those invisible toxins we will continue to collect and store them in our bodies, causing discomfort and disease until they cause our bodies to break.  Toxins are sneaky, they accumulate gradually and before you know it, you have kidney or liver damage.  I suggest to all of my clients that they begin to detox their elimination pathways: colon, liver, Kidneys and lungs.  For the purpose of elimination there exists some wonderful technologies that can assist with the detoxification process.  I advise my clients about Far infra-Red saunas, magnesium baths and colon cleaning.  

My Healthy find for this month is DEFY Cryo Spa and Float, they are all about healthy detoxification.  DEFY offers far infra-red saunas, magnesium float chambers, (FYI magnesium is the mineral that helps your muscles relax; while calcium is the mineral that aids in contraction.)  Spot, facial and chamber Cryo to lower your bodies temperature and activate your bodies natural healing and recovery from sport and exercise trauma.  How about an Anti-gravity chair massage to relax after spending an exhausting day hunched over your desk?  Well, DEFY has all of that and more with a knowledgeable staff to help advise you.  Memberships will save you money and first times are reasonably priced.  DEFY Cryo Spa and Float, 3800 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas. 346.571.5682

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