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Placental Encapsulation by Erin Young

Did you know that your placenta is a perfect bio-identical organ made by your own body? It's full of hormones, iron, and other constituents that science hasn't documented yet.

The hormones that are known to be in the placenta are the same ones that course through our bodies during pregnancy. Logically, the immediate reduction in these hormones post birth would contribute to the "baby blues."  By processing the placenta, and "weaning" your body of them over the course of a few weeks would ideally alleviate some of the symptoms associated with the drastic shift in hormones post baby.

So, how do you do that?
When you hire a professional encapsulator, you receive the finished product, processed neatly into capsules, chocolate truffles, smoothie packs, salves or tinctures. Some medical providers don’t see it as being beneficial. They see it as a harbor for bacteria, and that it’s unsafe for women to ingest and that it’s a liability for families to take it home. As of January 1, 2016 all birthing facilities in Texas are required by law to release placentas to those people that request it. A waiver must be signed, and the person who birthed the placenta, or their partner/spouse, must be the one to remove it immediately from the facility.

Risks and Benefits
Though few and rare, there are some risks associated with consuming your placenta. These risks are similar to risks involving food-borne illness.
Although mostly anecdotal, the following has been said about ingesting placenta.
-Can help prevent or reduce symptoms of postpartum 'baby blues'
-Replenishes your iron from blood loss during birth, and can prevent postpartum anemia
-Helps to stabilize post birth hormones
-Replenishes B vitamins and energy
-Helps to lessen postpartum bleeding
-Can help to establish an early and healthy milk supply

Leave it to the Professionals
Professional placenta processors are OSHA Blood-borne Pathogen certified. They are taught safe handling of blood products, how to put safety precautions in place so that no cross contamination is possible, and how not to expose themselves to any risks that may be there. They are also ideally Texas Food Handlers Certified. This ensures that they are familiar with the right temperatures that things need to stay at in order to kill off bacteria that can cause foodborne illnesses. They are taught proper cleaning and sanitation procedures as well.

When is it not safe?
There are a couple pregnancy issues that arise that can cause the placenta to not be beneficial. When a person struggles with anxiety or depression during pregnancy, those same feelings can resurface while ingesting your placenta.

Chorioamnionitis, is an infection of the layer between the uterus and the amniotic sac. It’s usually diagnosed in late pregnancy. If the hospital sends the placenta to the pathology lab, it obviously won’t be able to be used.

Things like Hepatitis C, Aids, HIV are questionable and that’s something that you need to disclose with your processor, and they can decide if they are going to process it or not. For further questions about the process of placenta encapsulation, reach out to Erin Young, owner of Mother Nurturing, LLC. She is proud to provide you with the healing benefits of your placenta safely and professionally.

Serving the Greater Houston metro as a professional doula since 2012, and a licensed Massage Therapist (MT 121460) since 2002. Erin Young, Owner of Mother Nurturing, LLC offers several services to ease your transition into parenthood. Massage Therapy, birth and postpartum Doula services, Placenta Processing, Belly Binding and private childbirth education to name a few.

To learn more about her services and/or hiring Erin, please visit her website at www.mothernurturing.com, email her at erin@mothernurturing.com or call 713-714-7649


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