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Yoga and Pregnancy By Valerie Immore

A yoga practice is not an exercise class.  It is a practice that addresses all our bodies at once: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic.  It helps us relax and get centered just as much as it helps our fitness and general wellbeing. Yoga done before, during and after pregnancy is a way to bring babies into a better world, one that we would prefer they see.  As we relax and create a more peaceful environment in our external world, the environment within is also relaxed and at peace. 

Prenatal yoga is such a valuable tool during pregnancy to not only feel relief in the physical body from the classic discomforts of pregnancy, but also to bring a sense of calm to the fast-paced changes in emotions and stress level.  A good prenatal class should be a combination of safe stretches that challenge the students, balanced with restorative postures to bring comfort and peace. Pregnancy and becoming a new Mom are not an easy undertaking, so a good yoga class should help women build strength and stamina that will last throughout the pregnancy and aide in the delivery and recovery from giving birth.  The breathing and relaxation techniques done during yoga can help a woman focus and stay calm when she goes into labor and moves through her delivery.  It is just as powerful for those who have a C-section as for those who deliver naturally, the techniques are used individually for each situation.  Women who do yoga find their pregnancies more comfortable, their deliveries a more pleasant experience and their recovery faster than women who do not do yoga.

Yoga creates a healthy body, a happy mind and a peaceful spirit. There is no better way to bring a child into the world.  If more women would do yoga during pregnancy the next generation will look at our planet from a different perspective.  There would be less traumatic birthing experiences therefore, less trauma in the lives of those entering the world.  Where there is less trauma, there is less violence and more peace.  More people should find their way to their yoga mat for these same reasons.  If we want to see a change, we must BE the change.

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