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IGNITE YOUR LIFE: “Listen to Your Heart” by Sarah Gish

IGNITE YOUR LIFE: “Listen to Your Heart”  by Sarah Gish

We were given two ears and one mouth so it’s obvious just by looking at our physical bodies that listening is more important than speaking. Listening to each other as we travel down the road of life is important, but even more important is listening to yourself and your heart. We can’t connect with others if we don’t first connect to ourselves.

“Listen to your heart” is the fifth way to ignite your life in my “IGNITE YOUR LIFE!” art project and community campaign (www.IgniteYourOwnLife.com) and the word associated with this concept is “LISTEN.”  I have been working on these 12 ways for ten years so they are carefully crafted to fall in order beautifully and to have phrases that are meaningful. Listening to your heart follows meditation because once you’ve been still, you can tune in to yourself. I suggest listening to your heart first thing in the morning and then tuning in throughout the day. It’s these moments of quiet reflection and mindfulness that strengthen your intuition and guide you to creating the life you want.

I have always been good at self-listening, but I learned more about it while teaching a 10-week class based on Sonia Choquette’s powerful book, Your Heart’s Desire: Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want. I found a video of Choquette to show the group and in it, she described a simple way to connect with yourself: put your hand across your heart and state “My heart says ……...” We started doing that at the end of each session and that action became a habit that I now do every morning at the end of my meditation. What’s interesting about this exercise is that my thoughts come through unfettered, without editing. Setting the intention of listening to what my heart says while connecting physically with my heart makes it easy to crystallize that connection. And Choquette makes the leap that listening to your heart increases your psychic ability, a handy tool to have!

An important thing to note about listening to your heart is that you can’t listen when all around you is chaos. Shut out the noise of the day and the worries in your mind in order to do that. It’s like listening to a good song: you can’t hear all the words or the instruments if it’s too loud around you. And we each have our own unique song in our hearts. I learned in the movie “March of the Penguins” that parents find their children by listening carefully to their “song” and left convinced that we are the same: we each have our own song. Bringing our unique song to life by attentive listening to the heart is what life is all about.

“Listen to your heart” is one of my 12 ways to ignite your life daily – ways that, if followed, will stave off depression, anxiety, loneliness, and isolation. Being ignited for your life does that!


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