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  • Why is it a Must Investment for our Children?
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Why is it a Must Investment for our Children?

What is Zen Meditation?

Why is it a Must Investment for our Children?

Meditation is a must investment for our children.  As a mother of two sons, and an educator at an elementary school, I say this because I see how much it can change the lives of young children in a positive way by planting the seeds of Awake in them.  I feel that meditation and realization of the Awake within are the best gift we can give our children. 

Each one of us has experienced suffering in life one way or the other in the form of stress or anger or depression.  During one such low point in my life, I had the great fortune of meeting Zen Master, Thich Dieu-Thien, who is an awakened Buddhist nun, devoted to teaching the direct path to “Wake Up” from stress, struggles, and conflicts, and return to our original Awake Mind. She taught me that the only way to end suffering is to realize the cause and the source of it.  To be able to do this, we need to meditate to go back to our clear, Awake Mind.  Zen Meditation means to Wake Up, to know the truth about ourselves and the world around us.  I have been going to Universal Door Meditation Center (UDMC) for about six years now, and from what I have learned from my Zen Master, it is possible to Awaken and realize true happiness and true freedom within us to be at ease in any situation, disturbed by nothing.

           My two young sons have been going to the meditation class at UDMC for about four years now.  They practice meditation at home by sitting regularly and they also apply it at school, at karate class, and everywhere.  By coming to meditation class and practicing daily, they get a lot of benefits. They focus more in class and have been performing better in school.  They maintain A’s in all subjects.  They can listen more and follow instructions better than before. At home, when they play together, many times, arguments and fighting are avoided when they are mindful and catch their unclear mind.  Sometimes, when they do start an argument or a fight, they can immediately catch their “dirty water” (mad, angry, irritation, jealousy) and return to their clear, centered Awake Mind.  They usually walk away from each other and each one counts from 1-20 and focuses on his breath.  Focusing on breath helps them to calm down and know what to do to solve the problems in their level.  In addition to their stellar academic performance, and building great relationships with people around them, I also see their health improving.  My older son has asthma, but after attending the meditation class and practicing to focus on his breath, his asthma is almost gone.  He has asthma only once or twice during the cold season, but other than that he’s doing great.  I am sure if he continues to practice regularly, asthma will be completely out of his life soon.

            I consider myself lucky to have met my Zen Master, Thich Dieu-Thien.  She has changed my life in ways I never imagined and I am a much happier person today.  I have reaped so many benefits from her teachings and will continue to walk on this path because I know this is my path to true happiness.  I am so glad that my sons are part of this journey. We give so many expensive material gifts to our children, but what could be better than the key to true happiness?  UDMC offers classes for youth and teens every Sunday from 11 AM to 12:30 PM followed by lunch. The children practice sitting and walking meditation, and learn to be good listeners, and leaders. I highly recommend this program to all parents out there so they can give the gift of true happiness to their children.  This is not only the gift of parental love, but it is the gift of compassion and true, unconditional love.

-Tue Nguyen


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