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From Gratitude Journal to Dream Journal by Paul Emekwulu

From Gratitude Journal to Dream Journal

Listening to Oprah Winfrey, the queen of talk shows, on her show on

July 3, 2000, as she discussed the importance of keeping gratitude

journal, made me think twice about my dream journal. Some of the

guests read and shared their journal entries with the audience. John

Edwards has also emphasized the importance of keeping journals

as one of the ways to develop our intuitive abilities. John Edwards

has appeared on several national TV shows including The Oprah

Winfrey Show, and The Jane Pauley Show to mention but a few.

Dreams with Special Themes

First of all, it is normal to have dreams and normal also for some people

to keep a dream journal.  In this book, I will be sharing some of my

dream experiences which include flying. I have flown over buildings,

crowds of people, and forests, etc. The flying dream experience is

amazing; I often have flying dreams consecutively, night after night. The

feeling, at times, is comparable to altered states. I have flown once or

twice with my sisters, other times I fly solo. Each time I fly, the feeling

seems to be the same; it is the kind of feeling you would like to get all the

time and never want to stop. I have also heard my first name called out

loud by someone in a crowd.

In my dreams, I have also listened to highly sophisticated and subtle

musical compositions. Some of my dreams involve numbers, algebraic

expressions embedded in elementary and advanced mathematics. My

grammar has once been corrected in one of my dreams. Each dream

starts with a title and the date it occurred.

Writing Down Your Dreams

Writing down your dreams takes a lot of discipline and willpower. If you

remember the full details of your dream, write it down; do not trust your

memory.  It could be just a word or a sentence. Write it down. Review

your dreams periodically in order to check for correspondence.

Paul Emekwulu, an award-winning and international bestselling author is the author of Writing Down Your Dreams: Listen to Your Inner Voice and Change Your Life, Goal Setting for Little Guys etc. Available for speaking engagements in schools, colleges and universities.


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