“The Easy Formula to RightSize®Your Body”

FB ‘Doc’ Willis, CPL, BA, MEd, MBBS, PhD, FACSM

F.B. ‘Doc’ Willis’s new book Right Size Any Body will be released toward the end of September. You may pre-order a signed copy now. We thought we’d give you a taste of what his book is about.

The revolutionary RightSize®weight loss program has helped 402 people permanently lose over 11,000lbs without a restrictive diet, prolonged exercise, medication, or surgery. Amy used this program to lose 20% of her body fat in 30 days and eight dress sizes (98lbs) in nine months. She has kept her RightSize®for several years!

The protocol is designed to accelerate your metabolism for weight loss success. The protocol focuses on the metabolic process, which is the series of biochemical reactions that simultaneously build, repair, and break down substances in the body. These reactions give us a unique fingerprint of how fast and efficient each of our bodies utilize the fuel we consume. The key to changing our metabolic tempo is by applying the innovative “PEN” method. <MORE>

Your Diet, Gut Health, and Probiotics

by Dr Lawrence Hoberman

Diets are always a topic of discussion with reference to weight loss, nutrition, and health. Add probiotics to the mix, and you’ve started a real conversation. In recent years, people have started to incorporate probiotics into their diets because empirical evidence supports the argument that probiotics provide many health benefits through diversifying the types of bacteria living in your gut and improving the health of your gut. Probiotics have been linked to heart health, mental health, the immune system, and cognition. To get the full picture, it’s crucial to learn how probiotics fit into your diet. <MORE>

The Nabhi Chakra

by Shri Mataji Nirmala Divi

In the articles on Sahaja Yoga, published so far in Natural Awakening-Houston, human subtle/spiritual system, Mooladhara and Swadhisthana energy centers were discussed, respectively. As discussed previously, human body is made up of 3 channels and 7 energy centers. The left channel controls our emotions, the right channel controls the actions and planning and the central channel gets us into balance and is responsible for our assent. Nabhi chakra is the third energy center in our subtle system. Nabhi Chakra is the place of our seeking and our satisfaction. This center is situated in the stomach area, in the center of the subtle body region known as the Void. <MORE>

On climate, industry is leading Congress

by Peter Bryn

CERAWeek is the Super Bowl of energy policy conferences, and with a hefty price tag it tends to attract some pretty high-horsepower individuals from both industry and government. Not hailing from the C-Suite myself, I had the privilege to attend the final two days only because of the generous complimentary invitation I received through my alumni association. As a fiscally-conservative engineer that spent eight years with ExxonMobil yet is quite concerned about climate change, I went with a mix of interest and cautious optimism.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this power-, oil-, and gas-focused group. How would my fellow energy-industry professionals frame the issue of climate change at the conference? Would it come up at all? <MORE>

Rain Harvesting in Houston

by Mike Hart

In keeping with this month’s theme of freshwater scarcity and everyday sustainability we are pleased to Spotlight Metal Rain Tanks, LLC, a Houston startup company. For the past four years Nell Wheeler and Dean Cook have been manufacturing and installing tanks for rain water harvesting, and, yes, rain water harvesting is legal in the state of Texas. Rainwater harvesting is part of the state plan for water conservation. In addition, there is no state sales tax on rainwater items and many Texas communities encourage it with various tax breaks and incentives and under Texas law, Homeowners’ Associations cannot prohibit rainwater collection.<MORE>

Acupuncture and Stress Management

by Jo Nell Norcini

What is stress and how does it affect our health? Stress is a natural and necessary part of life. Without stress, we would not even bother to get out of bed in the morning. Stress motivates us to get things done.

In nature, stress is referred to as the “fight-or-flight” response. It is an instinct that motivates us to run from danger. When the body senses danger, a part of the brain called the hypothalamus sets off a chemical alarm. This alarm activates the sympathetic nervous system to release hormones to get us up and running. These hormones, such as adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol, have distinct physiological effects on the body such as increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, increased respiration rate and decreased rate of digestion, just to name a few. This is all well and good if we were running from a sabre-toothed tiger. This response to stress gives us the physical ability to escape a dangerous situation. The problem is that, in today’s society, our sabre-toothed tiger is what we call “life”! Whether it is your job, traffic, children or financial issues, we are all constantly being exposed to stressful situations and there is no end in sight. <MORE>

The Water Element

by Lin Weiss

Water is a great necessity, without it nothing can live. Only earth and water can bring forth a living soul. Such is the greatness of water that spiritual regeneration cannot happen without it.

Thales of Miletus, one of the seven sages and the father of philosophy, concluded that water was the beginning of all things, the first of all elements and most potent because of its mastery over the rest.

Water is a cleansing, healing, psychic and loving element. It is the feeling of friendship and love that pours over us when we are with our family, friends and loved ones. When we swim it is the water that supports us, when we are thirsty, it is the water that quenches our thirst. Another manifestation of this element is the rain that drenches us, or the dew formed on plant life after the sun has set.<MORE>

The Science, Philosophy and Art of Chiropractic

by Jackie St.Cyr

Chiropractic is the Science, Philosophy and Art of restoring balance within the body.

It is a drugless, knifeless, natural and holistic approach to relieve pain, restore health and even prolong life.<MORE>

Reconnect with Nature's Nutrients by Foraging

by Carrie Harmon

Living in the fourth largest city, you can easily distance yourself from nature. In the city limits you find everything you can possibly need or want. We are far away from the cavemen days where foraging was essential for our survival. In our current civilized life, we no longer have to grow our own food or even travel a long distance to grab a bite to eat. We value convenience with hundreds of grocery stores and supermarkets in our surrounding area.

It is no surprise that we are accustomed to having the world at our feet and living in the fast lane. Every year our city continues to grow and with our busy life we tend to forget about the simple times. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with technology and fail to appreciate the beauty of nature. Think about how there is plenty to see and do if you just take a moment to discover the open space. It is good for your mind, body and soul to break away from the daily hectic rituals and reconnect with nature. It is hard to believe that out in the wild you can find food, which is one of the most important necessities for survival. Outside, there are fields and forests that can provide you with edible plants filled with rich nutrients. <MORE>


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