affirming naturally June 2019


explore new possibilities

by Doyle Ward

You have more than 55,000 thoughts each day. Many are the same thoughts over and over again. Every single one is an affirmation; this also includes everything that you say. By reducing your negative thoughts and words and increasing the positive ones, you can reshape your life.  Expecting a better day helps to create a better life. The only place we have to take action or make changes is the present 

Sometimes we get stuck and don’t even realize it.  Trying something new seems impossible, like walking through quicksand.  Take a moment and look around. There are probably all kinds of possibilities and opportunities around you that you haven’t noticed—yet.  We can get so deep in our ruts we can’t see what's around us.  Becoming aware of the possibilities and trying new things stretch your mind and your life and allow the good to flow.  Isn’t that what it’s about—allowing the flow?  Here’s my affirmation for this month:

I am open to explore new possibilities.

The only thing that you are guaranteed in life is this moment. Working with positive affirmations can radically change your mindset. Say them and write them repeatedly with the feeling that they are your truth. You have the power to make great changes in yourself and the world.  I know this is true because I have made huge changes in my life by changing my thoughts.

Doyle Ward, Blissful Quests ®

Doyle Ward is a successful life coach, workshop leader and lecturer in the field of personal development.  Listen to his podcasts on, Apple Podcasts or GooglePlay


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